Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee
A.I. Coffee Machine repurposed due to lack of real equipment/robots   Profession
Ship Psychologist, for the expedition team and for the depressed ship TIM   Gender
n/a   Age
Outside of Warranty   Appearance: (include Hair, Eyes, Build, Skin Tone, Style of Dress)
Coffee 9000 (A real improvement on the Coffee 8000 in every way). GREY BOX.   Hobbies
Talking about long walks on the beach   Quirk
Collects videos of people's first academic graduation and plays them as screensavers while serving coffee.   Favorite Thing
Milk   Despised Thing
Fake creamer   First Impression
Where do I get a working coffee machine?   Actual Personality
Just a person/machine trying to get by... They actually really want that walk on the beach one day.  

Written by:

Grandmaster Secondhand


Writer's Worlds:
Waiting for the Song to End






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