Join the Crew!

We are the team gathered by Captain Alula to face the unknowns that Proxy 17 has to offer. Move down this progression chart of tasks to play!  

Level One:

Join the Proxy 17 Crew!

To get your character on the mission team, simply redeem the Twitch Channel Points on DaniAdventures' streams OR submit your goals for the week in our Discord server, on the #goals channel! We'll create a bio on stream and your character will be added to the world.  

Level Two:

Put Down Roots!

Each member of the mission team gets their own living space in the clearing where we've set up camp. To claim your spot on the map and develop your space, simply redeem the Twitch Channel Points on DaniAdventures' streams OR submit your goals for the week in our Discord server, on the #goals channel.  
  • First Time: Pick your spot on the settlement map and we'll add your pin!
  • 2nd: We'll build an article for your prefab kit! What kind of building will you have? You'll also be able to move on to Step Three contributions!
  • Each Additional: Add a new item to your home! Are you collecting things during your scouting? Or are these things you've brought along to spruce the place up or keep you from missing your homeworld?

Level Three:

Requisition Requests and Building the Settlement!

Might as well face it, we're going to be here a good long while, what with our trying to solve the mystery of what wiped out the civilization that was here before, exploring ruins, cataloging climates and plants and animals, and adventuring. More crew will come in additional drops as Captain Alula swings by to pick up data--and it'll be much more comfortable if we share some public spaces, right?   ---We're gonna need a place to kick up our feet at the end of a long day: A Teahouse, perhaps? And maybe a Mess Hall, instead of standing around a firepit waiting for the food to be ready.   ---We're gonna need to check out the situation so we can request better equipment! Do we need a full lab instead of a bunson burner someone's set up in their tent? Are we tired of sharing one battered little microscope?   ---What else might we need to add to our growing community? A farm? Hydroponics? Doctor? Apothecary? A galactic postal service branch office? Engineering benches? Dance Club? XD   Redeem Twitch Channel Points on DaniAdventures' streams to grow our space, improve the amenities and workplaces available, and upgrade our entertainment, edibles, and equipment!  
  • First Redeem: Building or Item article is created at first level quality. You get to pick where it goes on the map. To open for business, the Menu must be redeemed as well!
  • Subsequent Redeems for the same item or building will complete a requisition and upgrade the quality! (Arbitrarily, each one can be upgraded only 5 times.)
Menu Upgrades
  • First Redeem: Pick an already created building to give it a purpose. We'll write one thing it is able to be used for by our expedition team.
  • Subsequent Redeems: A new thing is added to the building of your choice. Management buildings can oversee 3 things. Social and Service buildings can have up to 5 specialties. Shops get 2 saleable items added per redemption and presently there is no limit set on the number of beverages, foods, or items in stock. Production locations can create up to 3 things--unless we introduce certain technologies that bypass the need for industry :D

At Any Time:

Research and Scouting!

Once your character has been added to the mission team, you're welcome to contribute to the world! (Any writing or art contribution will be credited and copyright you, linked back to your social media and WorldAnvil worlds, and integrated into Proxy 17's discoveries.) For every three reports added to the world by any team member, a secret about the world's previous inhabitants will be revealed! Some examples of what can be contributed:  
  • Reports written from your point of view as a scout, researcher, or other position at our base camp.
  • Stories told as if around the campfire, about unsubstantiated events you've experienced in the field on Proxy 17. Cryptids, anyone?
  • Articles expanding on a Secret about the previous inhabitants that has been revealed.
  • Articles to build Proxy 17's world--flora, fauna, geography, etc.
  • Missives sent home to a scout/scientist's peers/family. Maybe even to brag to a peer? XD

More to Come!

Settlement Expansions, Adventures, and Secrets!

The more we discover about the world of Proxy 17, the more we can do! We'll be working together to figure out how the world can grow and change during our mission. Will it prove safe enough to populate with civilians once more? Will we find resources that warrant a mining team or spaceport to contribute to the galactic community? Will we branch out to explore other locations on the world, establishing additional encampments or even small research villages?


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