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The Federation Space Corps (FSC) is the official interstellar branch of the Federation's military. The Federation prefers to rely on their stealth technology to avoid conflicts by ambushing and vanishing before taking damage. Howver, the Federation's navy uses a varied approach to starship roles and has a wide assortment of each classification of ships for specialized roles in the fleets.  


The Space Corps utilizes various starship classes to fill out its interstellar navy. The main classifications the FSC use are Fighters, Birds of Prey (Corvettes and Destroyers), and Warbirds (Frigates, Cruisers and Battlecruisers). Typically starships are prefixed with Eldari Federation Ship (E.F.S.) though the larger ships may be prefixed with Eldari Federation Warbird (E.F.W.) depending on classification.  


Scorpion Class Fighter   Shrike Class Interceptor  

Birds of Prey

Class names are after birds. Ship names after regions of Federation Planets. Destroyers named for Generals and Admirals.   Osprey Class Escort
  • Frame: Lt. Freighter (Perfect Maneuverability)
  •   Falcon Class Escort
  • Frame: Lt. Freighter (Perfect Maneuverability)
  •   Kestrel Class Light Corvette
  • Frame: Explorer
  •   Val'dan Class Corvette
  • Frame: Explorer
  • Inspiration: T'Varo Class Light Warbird
  •   D'Vrex Class Heavy Corvette
  • Frame: Heavy Freighter
  •   Vandrok Class Destroyer
  • Frame: Destroyer


    Class names vary but typically are important people or an Eldaran concept not translatable. Frigates are named after scientist, Cruisers for Battles, Battle Cruisers for Heroes and Myths.   Tytan Class Frigate
  • Frame: Destroyer
  • Inspiration: Aves / Harpia Dyson Science Destroyer
  •   Valka'rie Class Frigate
  • Frame: Bulk Frieghter (Good Maneuverability)
  •   Terraban Class Light Cruiser
  • Frame: Bulk Frieghter
  •   Valdore Class Cruiser
  • Frame: Cruiser
  •   Ketar Class Battlecruiser
  • Frame: Battleship
  •   D'Eldan Class Advanced Battlecruiser
  • Frame: Dreadnaught
  • Classification
    Stellar Navy


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