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Named for the valiant Val'dan raptor native to Eldaran, this experimental vessel was created to launch a new series of corvette for the Federation Space Corps. The new primary systems were created to reduce response times dramatically compared to those of previous vessel types along with supoprting a higher yield of Warp Core and energy discharge rate. Val'dan roughly translates to "Dark Omen" which the engineers of hoped would ring true for any enemy ship that encountered the vessel.  


First drafted at the Corvidean Shipyards in the Numbari Sector in 1023 CE as a response to growing concern of the System Lord threat, the E.F.X Val'dan was intended to patrol the edges of Eldari Space and deter any further encroachment by the System Lords. By the year 1025, the E.F.X. Val'dan was ready for it's shakedown cruise.   Captain Xelmak (cell-mack) was selected to command the vessel due to his experience on the border and confrontations with the System Lords. On the shakedown cruise, flanked by 2 Devra Class Escorts, the Val'dan encountered two Fury class Corvettes plus a wing of Death Gliders on the edge of Eldari space. The Val'Dan was the only vessel of either side involved in the battle to return to port.   Due to the success in the shake down cruise turned combat mission, Captain Xelmak permantly took command of the Val'Dan. Within the first two years of service, the Val'dan was engaged in 85 different combat encounters by itself while patrolling Eldari Space, with Captain Xelmak and the crew being awarded 18 times for exemplary service and sacrifice. Due to its resounding success, the Val'Dan class was officially launched with the Val'Dan's sister ships: E.F.S. Derak, the E.F.S. Jentara, and the E.F.S. Dharkon.  


The Val'Dan has 4 decks listed as 1-4 starting from the top of the vessel. The wings of the vessel do not have true decks themselves but have several access tubes ordered by an alpha-numeric system with a prefix of Port or Starboard. Each access tube has a mirror on the other side, with pairs being distinguished by the prefix.  

Deck 1

Deck 1 contains the Bridge, the main control hub for the Cloaking Generators and Sensor Readouts, a briefing room, Captain's Ready Room, and the main docking port.  

Deck 2

Deck 2 contains the 2 shuttle bays plus maintenance bays, 14 standard crew/passenger quarters (2 beds per room), Captain's Quarters, Executive Officer's Quarters, central computer mainframe, air reclemation system coupled with environmental controls, energy reserves, upper plasma chamber access, torpedo tube #1 access, and plasma stabalizer control.  

Deck 3

Deck 3 contains main engineering, engine access, the warp core, main plasma chamber access, aft torpedo tube access, sick bay, galley, wing access hatches, and additional crew quarters.  

Deck 4

Deck 4 contains the cargo holds, water storage and reclemation systems, lower plasma chamber access, the brig, landing struts and ramp access.   Map WIP
E.F.X. Val'dan

Power Generation

The Val'dan was outfitted with a standard Mk VI Warp Core, providing a max warp factor of 6 (0.125 Ly / Hour) granting it a power rating of 175. Using standard matter / anti-matter reactions and an optimized Tristellian crystal matrix, this made the Val'dan the fastest Corvette in the fleet at the time.


Outiftted with Class 8 Engines and X Tier Environmental Thrusters, the Val'Dan can accelerate to up to a max speed of 8% the speed of light. The Val'dan was built for speed and agility to allow it to maintain a tactical position against it's target while it bombards it with weapons fire.

Weapons & Armament

Outfitted with a Port and Starboard Light Plasma Beam array, the Val'dan also carries 2 Light Plasma Torpedo tubes (1 aft and 1 able to target all arcs) and a forward Micro Plasma Cannon.

Armor and defense

Composed of the latest Traydian alloys, the hull can withstand severe temperatures and moderate impacts. However, the vessel's primary defense systems are its Mk III Energy Shield emitters and the latest model of Cloaking Generators, rendering the vessel invisible to both sensors and visual inspection.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Val'dan has 2 shuttle bays in the aft section that very rarely may instead carry Scorpion Class Attack Fighters over standard shuttles.
E.F.X. (Eldari Federation Experimental)
Owning Organization
40m main body (roughly 131ft) / 80m wingspan (about 262.5ft)
55m (180.5ft)
11m main body (about 36ft) / 22m base to wing tip (about 72ft)
Warp 6 Maximum
Complement / Crew
20 (Captain, 5 officers, 14 crew)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2 tons / 10 Passenger space / 2 Scorpion Class Fighter Shuttles


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3 Oct, 2021 05:15

An impressive ship. I really like the name "Dark Omen." I'd be very interested to read more about the specific encounters that lead to so many awards, sounds like an exciting two years, to say the least.

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