Prologue: Awakenings and The Unknown PART 2

Part 2: An Old Friends & Memories

  The party and Rin now travel down to the docks to find a boat after surviving the night. They all don't want to spend more time on Delphi more than they truly need too and after hearing that a deadly woman is coming after them for crimes they committed for being on the island. Rin admits she broke a few laws to get herself on the island and is probably the reason this woman she calls Noelle Blair is after them. She tries to make sure she mentions how dangerous she is and saying she might be responsible for the state of the island along with their undead problem. Arriving the port it seems to leave no trace of life and it's nothing but a ghost town with the houses filled with the traces of the people who once lived there. The group decides to adventure there and something alerts Rin of someone being nearby. Taking the high ground and moving above the rooftops to find out who it is they find two people a far ways away from them. It doesn't take long until they notice the party and are staring right at them.   "I hope you do realize, we do see you." The woman in a black cloak with a blindfold and holding a halberd with a smirk on her face as she talks to them.   "No-Noelle, you got here quickly. What do you want?" Rin's slight trembling as she pokes her head from her hiding spot.   "We do need to bring you back, Rin. You did break some major laws to get onto my land and I need to bring you back with me. "   "She's right, you're a far away from home Rin." The man next to Noelle speaks up and in a gentle manner that makes Rin unable to respond.   They talk from the rooftops for a while and Noelle tells them that she needs to send the group back to the realm of dead. Which the group attempts to fight back as she makes the group jump to the other roof to escape. As they start to escape the scene and Noelle starts the chase they're met by the man who introduces himself as Sylas and this is just a huge play where they don't actually harm them. That they do have a previous relationship with them and all they need to do is knock out Noelle or make it to the port to win. They decide to attempt to make it to the port and Sylas gives them one minute of a head start as the chase begins.




As she runs through the port she starts to see scenes of her past and her head starts to hurt as the environment changes. When she gets a better grasp of her surroundings, the area is filled with people and she's surrounded by a baby version of her bother with her parents holding her hands. As your gaze is fixed to the group of people with rope around their necks.   "Phi, don't look at that!" The woman shouts as she covered her eyes as they walked by.   "Just Die!" "People like you should just disappear!" "Hang them!"   "Don't listen to them, they don't understand how special people like us are." She smiles as you hear something drop and a loud crack.   "They're horrible..." The man mutters as you see from the cracks of the woman's fingers, giving your brother a tight squeeze before rubbing his neck.   'It's alright, children. Where would you guys like to go? Maybe some Ice Cream?"   Hearing the cheers of the crowd behind you, as you're being pulled forward and Noelle is right in front of you leaning on the wall.  


As Leon starts to hear voices call him and change where he's going he's brought to a time where he's a young lad with memories of a woman he can't see the face smile down at him with his sister next to him. They're sitting around what seems to be a park as a man comes and sits down near you with ice cream. These people around you seem to be familiar to you and it's a pleasant afternoon. As you're enjoying your ice cream, you're surrounded by armed guards that grab ahold of the older woman as she tries to push the both of you behind the man as given a severe shock.   "Gloria Tabbris, you're under arrest and are being sent into exile for your crimes." Another guard speaks as he grabs her after she falls into the ground.   "This has to be some sort of sick joke?! Gloria did nothing wrong, all she did was fall in love with me!" The man screamed as he tried to reach for the woman but was kicked away.   "You...can't be serious.." The woman mutters as she looks over at you and Phe with tears in her eyes only muttering an "I love you" before she's being dragged off.   "But my dear sister, it is. There was nothing I could do, mother and father wished to get rid of you. I wish I could do more." A young teen pokes her head from behind the guards, her dark purple hair with white highlights and a pair of thick glasses carrying a stack of papers with tears in her eyes.   She pushes past the guards and rushes over to the woman who was being dragged away and looking at her beat up sister and biting her lip before wiping her tears away from her eyes. Grabbing the mans arm and squeezing down tightly before seeing a flash off bright blue as she pulls out one of her feather and uses it to cut his hand off.   "SISTER! RUN! TAKE THEM AND RUN!" She screamed as the armed guards start to throw something at the young girl that makes her fall to the floor and try to reach to her older sister.   The man runs to pick up the older woman and yells at you to grab your sister and run. As the memory fades  


  As you run around in attempts to find the port, your eyes start to play tricks on you as you start to see a thick layer of blood on the walls and on the floor as flashes of your hands being bloody and being clean. As the scene starts to be something that sucks you into a memory. You're walking down the blood covered alleyway as you see, a young woman with 6 pairs of wings standing by the exit.   "Theo, please...You understand this isn't what your father wanted. What he wanted for us." As she walks closer to you and her white clothes now being stained red as the blood starts to drop on her blonde hair as she looks at you with pleading eyes.   As you talk to her a name, rings into your head 'Lilianna, my dear light' as you hear her supportive words as the scene jumps to a couple of years later. You're above her with a sword in her chest as she reaches to you and smiles.   "'s okay. Take my wings and use them to help your men. it's okay, everything is going to be okay and you did nothing wrong...Everything will be okay....I'm always there for you, my dearly beloved.." As she turns into light and the sword is left there and you pick it up not caring about the woman you possibly killed. As you come back to reality a trail of feathers seem to lead you to where you need to go.  


  You're running through the town as, you start seeing the same woman from before and hearing her call your name "Sam" as the world starts to alter around you. You're surrounded by people and seem to be in a busy market areas with the woman dragging you by the hand.   "Sam, look! There's such pretty flowers here! I didn't know mortals could take such good care of plants!" She grins as she points excitedly at the flower shop.   The time with her seems to warm your heart a little watching her smile and enjoy the things about your world as you go over to the cashier to buy her a couple roses of various colors as she hugs you tightly.   "Sam! Thank you! These are so lovely!" She grins as she holds them close as the scene fades and you see her on her death bed with a hole inside of her chest as she laid on a glass coffin with flowers underneath her. Her white dress standing out as you placed flowers of your choosing on there as you dropped to your knees and screamed her name. As scenes flashed in your head of her loving touches and kindness ignoring the world going to hell behind you.   Morrigan was going to come back and you where going to find a way to bring her back and if that meant losing the world. If she wasn't in it the world wasn't something you wanted to live if she wasn't there. As you come back into reality, you're greeted by Sylas who passes you a notebook with your name in it with a little bow with a skull in the middle.   "My older sister, wanted you to have this for your birthday Sam. If it was up to me, I would've preferred to have you as my brother-in-law. But keep running, the port is that way."   ***   After making it to the port, the group is allowed to leave the island and Rin is going to be brought home. As Rin panics and brings up the party still hasn't agreed to help her. Which she begs them to help her and if they decide to Noelle will join them and follow them around so they can bring Rin home afterwards. Sylas makes them a portal to Sirenrein and they're lead to a guild where they can rest up and can pick up some quests or do some shopping. Where Noelle asks them to meet an old friend who can fill them in better than she can on the present day. The world history keeper Janna Carroll and that is their next objective.   Shop 1: Magic Stuff:  
  1. Aether Shard- 100 gold (Can be used to help with Aether based illnesses and help Theo gain a charge of his aether gauge)
  2. Arcane Focus- 150 gold
  3. Small Arcane Focus- 50 gold
  4. Spellbook- 1500 gold (can be used to learn sleeps from another classes)
  5. Corrupted Crystals - 200 gold
  6. Fairy Dust- 15 gold per pound
  7. Staffs- 30 gold
  8. Other stuff
Potion Stuff:
  1. health potion
  2. Greater Health Potion
  3. Mega Health Potion
  4. Vails
  5. Strength Potion (200 gold)
  6. Major Strength Potion (500 gold)
  7. Rosemarry Oil
  8. Oils
  9. and other stuff
Clothing Store:
  1. Fancy Suits (300 gold)
  2. Jewelry (50 gold depending on the item)
  3. Other stuff
Weapon Smith:  
  1. Enchanting a weapon (300 gold per element max 2)
  2. Arrows stack of 12 (50 silver)
  3. other weapons
  4. and other stuff


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