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The Pexfolk, Pexin, Pexae, or Pixin are a smaller race of hominids native to Proterria.   The Pex range in height from 5 in to a foot tall (depending on region, family, age, sex). They are largely friendly, save the hostile swarming white Pex of Kandaria, the Pex Amata.   There are six primary colors of Pex:  Blue, who live near coasts, are slightly larger, ranging between 9 and 12 inches. They are largely docile and tend to stick to plankton and small fish farming. Red, who stick to central Gefaria and buzz around the salt crags to the north of the kingdom. They range between 5 and 7 inches, depending largely on sex. Males are the smaller of the two. Green tend to live in the woods of Rhomeria, and range from 2-5 inches, with the 5-inch specimens being the elders of the species. These are the more intelligent ones of the group,  and they actually farm moss, beetles, and sweetsap flowers. They do eat bugs, mice, and smaller birds, but prefer a vegetarian diet if possible. Black live in the caves of Garn, and are largely blind. Some can partially see but only for sake of light sensation. They range from 4-7 inches and eat bugs and feces. They are rather dumb, but seem oblivious to how bizarre their behavior is. White live in the wilds of Kandaria, in good-sized mud mounds on the surface. They range between 7 and 9 inches tall, and are extremely violent. Many are suicidal in the name of protecting the commune. They are rarely willing to negotiate, but if they are, it is usually for water or seeds. Pink live in the bleakwood, but are incredibly rare. Liim is the only person to have a physical specimen (in her vivarium). She herself is unsure if it's an oddity or if the species are just good at hiding.   Unfortunately, nearly all species of Pex (save the black Garnic) are endangered or at-risk. The Oomonians see their species as a delicacy and enjoy using burrowhogs to find their cities and harvest them. Kandaria has a limited population of them in a smaller separate commune for the express purpose of keeping them alive, but it is a hard life for the individuals in that commune.   Oomonian traditional preparation for Pex is to lock them in a steam cooker with shar leaves, water, burrowhog fat, salt, and bogweed stalks and stew them for several days.   The Kandarian Empirate Council for Ethical codes deems this a violation of the Pex' basic rights as a humanoid species, but the Oomonian crown continues to disregard this. As such, Oomonians entering or leaving Kandaria are inspected, and not allowed to bring any cooking supplies when they enter or leave the empire's gates.

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