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Passive Magic

Passive magic is the innate ability to channel and control magical energy, while in latent or untrained states. Ability to use magic is most often found within family lines, although it rarely appears in consecutive generations. It is theorized that it remains in its latent state during other generations.   However, magic has been known to occasionally appear in individuals without any prior family history. It is possible that the ability has simply remained latent. In fact, it is possibly the result of very weak abilities that crossed through marriages.   Untrained ability usually surfaces with the onset of adolescence. It most frequently manifests through levitation of small objects during sleep, especially nightmares. However, without the necessary training the burgeoning mage cannot access their abilities consciously.   There are ways of detecting magical potential short of flying nighttime crockery, however. A very strong mage can sometimes sense the ability as it begins to emerge. Also, a great deal of magical energy can be concentrated into an Artifact of Seeking. This normally requires energy from four to five mages combined.   There is one known case of an artifact being apparently created spontaneously. This is the Founders' Stone, the granite obelisk in the center of the city of Prosperity. No one knows how it became imbued with such a power; there are no records of any magical connections with the stone, but in the early days of the city, a young budding mage touched the stone and caused it to glow.   Latent magic power can only be brought to the surface through extreme stress or trauma. A powerful enough magic wielder might be able to force it to the surface, but only at great cost to the subject.   The distribution of passive magic within the general populations is unknown, due to its frequently latent quality. There is, as yet, no method for detecting latent abilities.


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