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Tower of Knowledge


The largest building in the dragon clan Hasinji. It houses the Library of the Dragons and the quarters of the Greatest Elder. It stands fifty four stories tall.  
The Tower of Knowledge is the only building in Hasinji that was not built in the unique style of the other tall buildings. Rather, it was built tall and narrow with an outside skeleton of glass and steel. The grey steel skin frames triangular panes of glass that allows a great amount of sunlight inside so that dragons do not have to use magic to light an area. At night, electric lights within the halls and stairwells shine through these windows, making the building act as a shining beacon.   Except for the open roof, this building lacks the large openings and balconies that all other buildings in Hasinji have. Its narrowness and corridors are built for a dragon's human form, though small dragons can fit. The only room built for a dragon is part of the Greatest Elder's quarters at the very top, a single room meant as a bedroom fit for even the largest strength dragon. Because of the contents of the building, the Tower of Knowledge was purposely built to force dragons into their human form to prevent accidental discharges of fire.  
The first twenty five floors are designated as auxiliary teaching areas, though when not used for that purpose they may be used for small gatherings or as a quiet place out of the weather. All of these floors are sparsely furnished, containing as little as a few chairs and a table. When waves of visitors pass through the clan on their way to Sharloka, they may take refuge in these lower floors if there are not enough rooms available elsewhere. In the center of the building is a single staircase to access every floor. Above the vacant floors, plaques are mounted to give visitors information on what can be found on each floor.   Starting at floor 26 and ending on floor 53 is the Library of the Dragons. This is the Tower of Knowledge's most important content.   All floors contain electric lighting inside and the Tower of Knowledge is the only building in Hasinji that uses electricity extensively. The vacant floors also contain human designed electrical outlets of various types and voltages in case dragons in their human form need to use human made devices. The availability of numerous outlet types is due to the nature of visitors coming from all around the world.  
Library of the Dragons
  The Library of the Dragons is dragon kind's largest library, and is thought to be the largest library among all Lakis species. Each floor has a specific theme, be it a period of history or works on philosophy. All works in the library are non fiction, but there exists a smaller library containing works of fiction elsewhere in the clan.   The floors are as following: (dates are kept up to date)  
  • 26: Prehistory- Evolution of Dragon and Laku Ancestors
  • 27: Prehistory- The Taming to the Birth of Wyrmic
  • 28: Dragon History 25,000-15,000 Years Ago
  • 29: Dragon History 15,000-10,000 Years Ago
  • 30: Dragon History 10,000-3,000 Years Ago
  • 31: Dragon History 3,000 Years Ago to Present
  • 32: Laku History All Eras
  • 33: Nature and Science- Biology
  • 34: Nature and Science- Physics
  • 35: Nature and Science- Mathematics
  • 36: Nature and Science- Astronomy
  • 37: Nature and Science- Archaeology and Paleontology
  • 38: Nature and Science- Sciences of the Earth
  • 39: Nature and Science- Chemistry
  • 40: Nature and Science- Sciences of Society
  • 41: Nature and Science- Oceanology
  • 42: Nature and Science- Technology
  • 43: Magic- Principles and Spells
  • 44: Works From and About Dragon Friends
  • 45: Works From and About Dragon Foes
  • 46: Works From and About Non-allied Laku
  • 47: Philosophical Works of Dragons
  • 48: Philosophical Works of Other Species
  • 49: Theories- Untested and Disputed of All Subjects
  • 50: Prophecies- Fulfilled and Pending
  • 51: Global Air and Weather Patterns
  • 52: Architecture and Engineering
  • 53: The Curse
A majority of the works in the Library of the Dragons are copies. Librarians are dedicated not just to organizing and maintaining the library but also faithfully coping new original works and repairing old books and scrolls. When a work degrades to the point where it risks becoming unreadable in parts, a librarian will create a new copy, sometimes adapting the contents to the modern form of Draconian if the work is too archaic. Several librarians work in shifts on a floor but will only work on that one floor, becoming experts on that floor's subject to better aid those searching for specific works or works on a specific subject.   Librarians estimate the Library of the Dragons contains several million works, with a general consensus of there being 7.6 million total works. Recently librarians have embraced technology for organization and are currently digitally cataloging every work housed in the library and when they are finished with their efforts, an exact number can be determined.  
Greatest Elder's Quarters
Floor 54 is off limits to a majority of dragons, as it houses the dragon deemed the leader of dragon kind, the dragon bearing the title "kal," or "Greatest Elder." Inside is an office with a personal library, a sleeping chamber in the open air room, a bathroom and a small closet. The Greatest Elder's personal library contains works on leadership and works that cover subjects not widely known. The library belongs to the position, not any one dragon in that position, but any Greatest Elder may add or remove works from this library. No Greatest Elder or librarian will confirm this, but it is thought many of the books and scrolls contain subjects that have been censored.

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