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The Curse


The darkest result from what should have been dragon kind's most shining achievement. The result still haunts dragons today, for it not only killed all living conjuring dragons, but also killed all conjurer spirits and prevented all dragons from potentially morphing into that type as they mature. The Curse came about as dragon kind was performing the Joining.
One of the most basic, yet most important concepts for a magic user to understand is that if a rule is broken, the user will experience a Turn. Turns are dependent on the severity and the type of the infraction, with most being nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Killing, however, brings the most severe Turns, and it is believed the Curse is the most severe observed Turn in history.   There are multiple explanations for why the Joining produced the Curse. The most common and the most agreed to theory is that the Raw Magic used in the spell triggered the Turn. Raw Magic has different rules than tamed magic that dragons and Laku typically use, and these rules morph over time and are often more strict. As Raw Magic is seen as a quasi-sentient entity that regulates the habitability of the Earth, it could very well have fought against the idea of combining two species into one. That the spell did not complete can be seen as evidence.   Nearly as accepted as the Raw Magic theory is the theory that Grusa-kal simply did not have enough magic available to complete the spell. Turns when there is not enough magic can vary but rarely involve death to the user. But the Joining not completing is the best evidence of this theory, as incomplete spells are the most common Turn involving not enough magic. Others reason that the dragons involved underestimated the populations of both species.   The last theory is not well known, mostly because of its implications. Through history the dragons that have suggested this theory have been censored and their writings destroyed. It is said an insane spirit who lived ten thousand years ago during the Curse tries to hint of this theory to open minded living dragons but that his efforts are always hindered. The theory goes as such: in order to combine two species into one being, one of the individuals had to die. Killing if the strictest rule of magic, and any spell that kills, even indirectly, is known as a Forbidden Spell. A genocide of the entire human species in order to morph them into dragon kind would be the greatest crime not just against magical rules but dragon kind's morality, and that is why any attempts to pursue and spread this theory are met with resistance. No dragon wants their kind to be labeled as mass murders, especially since appearances are a part of their strength compared to other Lakis species.   Those who believe this theory propose that the dragons involved did not know the true implications of the spell. If they did, it would not have happened. Numerous spirits developed the spell, and countless dragons, primarily conjuring dragons, studied the spell before chanting it. Joining two beings into one would have been a new concept and one one could anticipate the amount of death involved or the Turn that would haunt dragon kind for generations.   One branch of this theory suggests that the mass killing, either proposed of the humans or reality with the conjurers, corrupted some of the natural magic of the world and gave rise to wild corrupt magic. Corrupt magic, also called inverse magic, already exists within some Laku and allows killing and forbids healing. Corrupt magic is even more hated than the idea that dragons would have killed an entire species, and thus is censored without hesitation.  
The Conjurers
No theory that explains the Curse completely justifies the death of all conjurers, past, present, and future, without killing other dragon types. While they provided much of the strength for the Joining spell and Grusa-kal, who led all efforts, was a conjuring dragon, dragons of all types participated and among them and among them only those who actively joined the chant perished. No one knows why the Curse also prevents juvenile dragons from morphing into conjurers either.   In the intervening ten thousand years, no dragon has morphed into a conjurer, causing researchers to believe that the conjuring type might be permanently extinct. Morphing is not fully understood so there have been few attempts to break the Curse. However, rumors of a conjurer in modern times raise even more questions: might the Curse be breaking? Is this dragon unique, and if so why? Are they truly a conjurer or did someone create the most elaborate and believable imposter?

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