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Swift Dragon


The second largest of the dragon types. Swift dragons are the most physically unique type, having only four limbs instead of six.  
Swift dragons have small bodies in proportion to their size, in part because they do not have a set of forelegs to support or use. The two legs they do have and long and muscular, built to support the same weight that would be carried by more limbs on any other dragon. They have smooth, sharp edged purple scales with hints of pinkish-purple iridescence on their upper side, darker along their spine. Their underside is covered with pinkish purple armor like scales, their color matching the color of the dragon's wing membranes. Swift dragons have a small head crest that extends around their eyes and down almost to their nostrils. At the end if their tail is a thick bulbous mass of scale material that serves as a weapon in physical combat.   As their size and build would suggest, swift dragons are capable of great feats of strength, though they are limited in part by the smaller proportions of their abdomens and lack of forearms. Their magical ability lags behind all but the strength dragons though is equal or greater than that for other Lakis species. Magical stamina is equal to other dragon species.   Where they have a massive advantage is in their aerial speed. In flight at top speed they can reach speeds that rival or surpass the fastest birds and bats. Under natural circumstances their wings are short and broad. Even in this state, a swift dragon can reach high speeds, but they are also capable of longer flights. If they had need of even greater speed, though, they can stretch their wings, partly with magic, giving them a similar shape to the wings used by other fast flying animals.    Aerial abilities for swift dragons are overall the greatest among the dragons types. Speed wise they outpace all other dragons. Agility wise only conjuring dragons can match them and only spirit dragons can outfly them.

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