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Strength Dragon


The largest of the five dragon types. Thought to be brutish and less intellectual than other dragons though this has been disproven countless times.  
Every part of a strength dragon, from their body, legs, neck, wing arms, and tail, are stout, muscular, and capable of incredible feats of strength. The toes on their feet can crush small prey with little effort. Their scales are sharp edged tapering to points with a texture similar to large grit sandpaper. Around their spine their scales black and glittery in a glossy way in spite of their roughness, which fades to a drab brown with a flatter sheen, though is similarly rough. Their underside solely on their abdomen is covered in thick armor scales of a cream color. Wing membranes on a strength dragon match the color of their armored scales.   Strength dragons have no physical weakness. Growing up post morph can be painful due to the rapid growth required to reach full size at the same time as other dragons, but even during this time they can outwrestle their peers with brute force alone. Their magical stamina is the same as in other dragons, though many strength dragons claim they have greater stamina. Ability wise they are only capable of simplistic spells, primarily of the intuitive type, though talented individuals can learn to master a handful of concentrative spells and perhaps a worded spell or two.   Strength dragons have no special ability or spell outside of their sheer strength. Magic can be used to augment their physical abilities though it is rarely needed. Most initially believe strength dragons are good for breaking things or clearing ground, but their strength comes most in handy in construction. In flight they can carry heavy materials and can easily hold things up in place while other dragons secure those materials into the structure.   Aerial abilities are less than average for strength dragons as speed and agility are not the qualities they are built best for. Speed wise they outpace spirit and fortune dragons, equal conjuring dragons, and are outpaced by swift dragons. Agility wise they are out flown by all dragon types though for their size, strength dragons are rather nimble.

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