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Shield Bubble


A popular and, in it's most simplest iteration, an easy to perform spell used for self defense. Other iterations allow for protection of other individuals or objects, concealment, or regulation of the environment in small scale. Most bubbles are themselves invisible but most of them, depending on their purpose, are tangible. The simplest shield bubble spell is accessible to nearly all creatures of magic, though only those with decent magical stamina can maintain a bubble for very long, and only more capable users can use more complex versions of the spell. One of the most famous uses of shield bubbles is among the dragons, where it is used to hide many of their clans.   The shield bubble spell does not involve healing or killing, and thus can be used by both tamed and inverse magic users.  
In its simplest form, the shield bubble is an intuitive spell, requiring only basic instinct or skill to perform and is easy to maintain, though it does require quite a bit of magic to maintain over a long period of time, especially if the bubble comes under stress. Many magic users, even competent ones, incorrectly label it as a concentrative spell, though in some cases are accurate, as the line between intuitive and concentrative spell work is quite often blurred and varies on the individual.   This type of shield bubble serves only a couple of functions: it blocks objects from reaching the caster, and it allows for the exchange of air in and out. How far objects are held away from the spell user is directly dependent on the rate that magic is supplied to the bubble. A bubble can be "popped" if too much pressure is put onto it, though the point to which the shield bubble breaks is again dependent on the rate that magic is applied to the spell. Laku with high amounts of magical stamina, such as dragons, can maintain a nearly indestructible shield bubble and to reach them, one must employ alternate methods such as distraction or magic cancellation.   The basic spell can be amended in a few ways while remaining as an intuitive spell. One of the most common, and almost necessary in many situations, is to include any one or anything in close proximity to be included in the bubble from the onset of the spell. This is necessary if the user is carrying their belongings or someone, as otherwise using the spell will push everything away. Another common change is to allow certain objects or beings to pass through while blocking all others. It is easier to allow one specific individual or object to pass through than a generalization of something, but both are simple to achieve.   Basic shield bubbles are used often by flying Laku who are also using a spell to remain invisible so that they do not injure themselves in a midair collision with another flying Lakis, or in modern times, with human airplanes.  
Advanced Uses
There is one iteration of the shield bubble spell that is concentrative and still accessible to a fair number of Laku: regulating the environment within the shield bubble. However, this is impractical due to individual spells for creating a shield bubble and for blocking rain, changing the nearby temperature, and adjusting humidity are all more simple and more accessible to magic users. None of these individual spells requires much focus to maintain so it makes little sense to bundle them into one harder to cast spell.   All other versions of the shield bubble are worded spells and are significantly more complex. Of these, only a few are useable for individual Laku, and mainly only by some dragons. These include shield bubbles surrounding beings or objects away from the caster and very small shield bubbles meant to hide what is inside. Protecting a distant target requires only a small amount of speaking and does not require a true chant to complete or maintain.   Other variations require a magical link that often must include at least some spirit dragons, for they are thought of the most capable living Lakis species. These iterations include, but are not limited to, shielding a large area from sight and projecting a false image, shielding a large amount of beings with individual shield bubbles, shielding the habitants and their settlement from sight, regulating the environment within a large bubble, and blocking those inside a large bubble from exiting though any means.   Shielding the contents of the bubble, namely a settlement and its inhabitants, is a very common usage of the shield bubble spell among dragons, and one usage that includes a large amount of variation. Some shielded clans get their magic from the inhabitants and very little from those maintaining it. Some block any thing not in contact with a Lakis or in close proximity from entering a bubble which itself holds an alternative version of the area. Some block precipitation, strong winds, and extreme temperature variations either within the entire bubble or in certain areas. Some of these bubbles may be maintained by siphoning magic from its residents, or by dragons designated in the spell to provide their magic.

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