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A small primitive dragon clan located in an unpopulated area in southeast Florida. Otherwise an unimportant clan, though Kucho is the current home of a notorious dragon named Jheecu, as well as for her most recent offspring. Whispers of a conjuring dragon¬†existing in modern times point to Kucho being where that dragon hatched.  
Kucho sits in an artificially dry section of an otherwise wet, almost swampy land, covered by a canopy of cypress and other wet loving trees. Most structures made by the dragons take inspiration from the earliest human inhabitants of the region, though more modern materials and styles can be found. Magic is in use heavily to keep the area habitable, though not necessarily comfortable.   As a primitive clan, Kucho's method of remaining hidden revolves around obscurity and camouflage. All dragons are taught to transform into their human form if actual humans manage to slip by guards and walk into the clan. Younglings who are unable to transform on their own live in their human form almost exclusively. To an outsider, there is nothing present that indicates that the inhabitants of the settlement are not human. But because of the need for obscurity, Kucho cannot access amenities and conveniences like running water and electricity.   Though a primitive clan, Kucho, like many others, has a basic shield bubble set up in an area designated for nesting mothers. Gravid females are unable to transform into human form and it is difficult for a mother dragon to keep their eggs at the proper temperature when they are in human form. This area sits next to a small lake stocked with fish and kept pure for feeding and drinking purposes.   Magic is used to keep nearby water sources clean and safe to drink. Most buildings utilize a rain shielding spell to prevent intrusion and lessen the chances of some building materials rotting prematurely. Prey typically hunted by dragons are species that are not native to the area as any drop in the populations of those species will be celebrated by humans rather than investigated. Small plots of land are dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables, but the amount of magic needed to keep these crops alive hinders any attempts to expand to support a larger population. Most dragons eat in their human form.

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