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Modern day dragon kind's largest and most important clan. The clan sits in the Tibetan Plateau next to Lake Puma Yumco, called Lake Yeudar by the dragons. Hasinji is a shield clan, allowing for its inhabitants to build on a grand scale. It's shield bubble is one of the oldest and most complex in existence. It was first settled over ten thousand years ago, then a small camp for dragons traveling to and from Sharloka from the east. After the effects of The Joining and The Curse, Hasinji saw more visitors and slowly replaced Ilugi as dragon kind's most important clan.  
Hasinji's crowning achievement is its tallest building, the Tower of Knowledge. At fifty four stories tall, it stands almost twice as tall as the surrounding buildings. At it's top sits the designated office and living quarters for the Greatest Elder, and the upper half of the tower houses dragon kind's largest library. All buildings save for the Tower of Knowledge take on a style far different than any human built skyscraper. Most have open roofs to allow dragons to fly in, no building has a sharp corner, nearly all have open balconies adorning their sides, facades are brightly colored and decorated in dragon scale or nature motifs, and every building, except for the Tower of Knowledge, is sized for even the largest dragons to walk through in their dragon form.   Hasinji produces all of its own electricity, using a power plant that runs off of dragon fire. Much like human thermal power plants from which Hasinji's gains inspiration, this power plant relies on the generation of steam to spin turbines and instead of burning oil or coal to produce steam, it uses dragon fire. Dragons, most notably strength dragons and swift dragons due to their size, are invited to blast the heating chambers of the plant in three hour shifts three times a day, in exchange for having their needs provided completely for them, and if they serve enough shifts, are granted a title of respect fitting of their total contributions, be it the master title or elder title.   As Hasinji is isolated in order to avoid human interaction, it must provide its own food. Numerous pens filled with captive bred animals sit on the western and northeastern borders of the clan, though they sit within the shield bubble. The total area of the prey pens roughly equals the area of land used by the main parts of the clan. Within the pens are a number of large mammalian species, both native and nonnative to the area, used to feed the dragons of Hasinji. Larger dragons are discouraged from hunting the prey directly and instead are asked to eat prepared meals in their human form, though thus rule is not rigid, especially for the masters and elders who live in Hasinji permanently.   The main clan and the prey pens sit along less than half of Lake Yeudar's shores. The rest of the lake is bordered by crops of all types. Most are for feeding the penned prey animals, though many plants and herbs are grown for prepared meals by those dragons urged to or choosing to eat in human form. Magic is heavily involved in growing the crops and those who maintain the necessary spells are granted the same honors as those who help run the power plant.   To the south of the main clan sits the training grounds, an area up on a nearby mountain designated for dragons to practice their combat and flight abilities. Wrestling is an integral part of dragon kind, whether to defend oneself or others, in a mating fight, or in an attempt to gain respect. Many of dragon kind's most capable fighters have trained in Hasinji.  
Shield Bubble
  Second to the Tower of Knowledge in impressiveness is Hasinji's shield bubble. Formed soon after the Joining when dragon kind sought to erase themselves from the minds of humans, it originally took on a simple form that is easy for spirit dragons to produce, though requires constant maintenance. From the outside, the area looks natural and untouched, as if the clan did not exist, though anyone could walk through the bounds of the bubble and enter the clan. To prevent accidental discovery by human travelers and nomads, guards were posted at intervals around the clan with the orders to kill any intruders. In this form Hasinji existed as many dragon clans do today.   But Hasinji's guards, as do many clan guards among dragon kind, detested the necessity of killing intruders, and as Hasinji accumulated great stores of knowledge and bright minds, they pleaded for a better solution. What they came up with has only been attempted a handful more times since. Dozens of spirit dragons pooled their magic and ability together in a magical link to form a shield bubble that creates two realities in one location. Hasinji became the alternate reality and to enter it, one had to have magic in their body. Humans and other creatures could not enter, even accidentally, unless they are in close proximity to a dragon or other creature of magic. This stipulation that a Lakis must be near also allows for prey to be herded in by dragons and allows Hasinji's visitors to enter without their belongings being relegated to the normal reality. In addition, the spirit dragons made the shield bubble rely mostly on Raw Magic to remain in existence, and only draws a small bit of magic from Hasinji's residents automatically.   Visitors to Hasinji have often asked for additional changes to be made to the shield bubble, mainly for it to regulate the weather inside its entire area. Hasinji endures harsh winters that many visitors are not acclimatized to. Other clans around the world utilize specific spells to deal with the weather, rain blocking spells being the most common. However, the elders of Hasinji block any attempts to apply weather regulating spells on the clan as a whole, reserving all spells and efforts for the crop fields and prey pens. Over time, frequent visitors and long duration visitors have learned to produce their own weather regulating spells to suit their needs. Most dragons are also provided with clothing fitting their dragon form to protect them from the winter chill.

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