"You were fallen once, but I have brought you back! Can't you see, brother? I have defeated death!"
— Unknown, but dangerous

The Retrieval

  Across the Eight Lands, there are those who work in secret to create what should not be created, to bring to fruition knowledge that was interred in the deepest depths so none may find it.   They toil on the work of immortality; the mere notion of eternal life being enough to drive them mad in their search for the truth, to see whether the impossible can become possible.   While most attempts fail, resulting in a massive backlash as the world rebels against their acts, there are few who scrape through the gaps. Those who do scrape through find themselves having not achieved their goal, not entirely, but having reached a semblance of it.   Little is known of the precise methods that these arcane cockroaches utilize, but one of the few pieces of information that is known is thus: The process cannot be done to an individual by themselves, it must be done to another, and it tears the soul from the body in the most tortuous way, shattering them from the weave of the world.  

The Adhesion

  Once torn from their body, the soul is interred into a new body, one that can sustain the soul without the trappings of a mortal body. They require no food or sleep, nor do they require air to breathe. They exist simply as their soul in a manufactured body.   The rare few that have been seen across the Eight Lands have kept to themselves, engaging with others only when necessary. They keep themselves as veiled as they can, relying on layered clothing and deep hoods over their heads.   It isn't known whether or not the weavetorn creatures, when spotted, are the same one or different ones. With their sightings have been spread over thousands of years, this may not be something that will ever be known.


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Apr 27, 2024 15:16 by Rin Garnett

This is so intriguing, and really makes me want to learn more about these people! Or perhaps, singular person. Has anyone ever tried to track them down?

Apr 30, 2024 14:38 by Andrew

I'm sure some have tried, but it's awfully tough looking for something that can hide at the bottom of a lake or simply run for as long as they can be bothered to.

Apr 27, 2024 22:31 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Terrifying concept, but I love it.

Apr 30, 2024 14:41 by Andrew

Terrifying, perhaps, but something does need to be the beginning of a nightmare, doesn't it?   I'm glad you enjoyed it.