"Alvin, what the absolute fuck was that?!"
"The hell are you on about? It was just a bird, calm down."
— Alvin and their friend

A Quilled Panic

  Through the shadows of the trees, wide eyes stare back at you. After a moment, the eyes turn to slits and slowly creep closer. As they slink into the light, you see a feline shape that has sleek grey feathers running along its spine and interspersed within its dark fur.   A snarling mouth faces you, its six incisors almost certainly sharp enough to pierce your body. As it approaches, a growl emanates from its throat, granting immediate insight as to why it was named the way it was: ullr.  

A Growl in the Shade

  Ullrs, most aptly described as a mix between an owl and a panther, are perhaps one of the few creatures in the Eight Lands that does not immediately wish to hunt you down after seeing you enter their territory. They are more inquisitive than hostile, however they don a hungry and malicious expression upon meeting new creatures. This is partly an attempt to freeze them in place, as well as scare them away from their territory, as either choice by the creature is acceptable to an ullr.   While their vocal capabilities are unique, they are not the only interesting trait that ullrs possess. Much like one of their comparison animals, their ears are just behind their eye sockets, however, unlike an owl, the position of their ears is indicated by ear tufts.   Their tremendous ability to see in the dark means that they are entirely nocturnal, often not waking during the day unless a major disturbance occurs, such as hunters approaching them. Ullrs are extremely difficult to hunt because of this, as attempting to hunt them in the dark is suicide and attempting during the day is nearly always fruitless. Only one ullr, named Napper, has ever been held in captivity, though they did not survive for longer than a few years before passing away.
15 to 18 years
Average Height
3 feet at the shoulder
Average Weight
180 to 200 lbs
Average Length
8 feet


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5 Mar, 2022 18:43

I want one!! They sound so cool and awesome and I wanna hug one! Poor Napper!

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5 Mar, 2022 18:46

They are definitely able to be hugged! Provided you manage to coax one into letting you do so, that is

6 Mar, 2022 19:46

Now I understand why the Owlpanther picture of Panthers might fit. Anyway, nice little description and I like that Ullr are now supposed to be inquisitive rather than immediately attacking. Also that with curiosity they still seem dangerous because of their features.

7 Mar, 2022 07:56

Glad you like them, they're fun lil critters!

7 Mar, 2022 08:26

Who's a cute birb! Who's a cute birb! Want a snack? Here you go!

7 Mar, 2022 08:31

They're really not a birb

7 Mar, 2022 08:54

My bad. Who's a cute ullr!

7 Mar, 2022 12:36

N'aaaaawh they so cute! <3 I want one as a hunting pet and I'll provide plenty big snacc ^^ Such beautiful feathery floofs x3   Keep up the good work! :D

Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
7 Mar, 2022 13:09

They're definitely beautiful, albeit a bit odd to look at

7 Mar, 2022 13:43

I love odd, so that's perfect! x3

Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
15 Mar, 2022 07:15

Nice one Thei. Interesting creature you've created here. I love how it looks so dangerous but in reality just tries to spook you off first.

16 Mar, 2022 01:35

Glad you like it, it took me a while to figure out how I wanted it to look so I could translate that to writing, but I'm happy with the result!