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The Vixen Pirate

"Known as the Vixen Pirate, Dawn has been dead for a number of years..."
— Unknown

Surprisingly, Not Dead

  Dawn 'Vixen' Gotham, more commonly known as the Vixen Pirate, has been thought to be dead for several years now, for several different events.   Last thought to have died after taking a cannonball to the chest, the Vixen later surfaced from a relatively short hiding period in Port Secura. In tremendous fashion, she then proceeded to rob a bank carrier boat, responsible for the shipment of tax payments to a holding facility.   The Vixen is very well known for her ability to persuade her targets to provide what she wants, even to the extent of getting an entire crew to load onto their rowboats and hand over their ship, as was the case for the bank carrier robbery. She has, however, never attempted to attack Patrick, seeing it as a target worthy of her final mission in life.  

Unsurprisingly, Not Quite Alive

  A common thought as to how the Vixen has managed to survive so many near death experiences is that they are, in fact, one of the Revived, a person who regained their body and soul after death, effectively making them extremely difficult to kill without their allowing it.   Though it isn't certain as to how they have survived over the years, they are consistently not seen for a time afterwards. In the event that they aren't thought to have died, they keep their appearances up, not going inactive for more than a month before attempting another job.


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17 Aug, 2021 03:39

Interesting! So she can carry on plundering the seas? Very interesting! And can a Revived be commanded to relinquish their immortality? I'm intrigued!