"What do you mean you got a taolin? ... Well what about another pet? ... WELL WHAT ABOUT ANOTHER HOUSE?!"
— Someone who really doesn't want a taolin around them

My taolin is watching me write this

  Covered in a soft white and black fur, these little mustelids are known for being very affectionate and very intelligent. Their most distinctive feature, however, is their long, furry tails that they wrap around themselves like a blanket when sleeping, leading them to be nicknamed "snugglebugs", despite them not resembling bugs in any semblance at all.   They are very playful creatures and will often play jokes on each other and their owners, such as hiding small toys in the owner's bed or taking food from their plate while they aren't looking. Should their owners or another taolin be getting visibly upset by their jokes, they will scuttle off to bring the hidden object back to them, understanding that sometimes it's the wrong time for jokes.   They love to cuddle with their owners as well, spending time with them is a great source of joy for a taolin, even if it's being curled up next to a fire or going on a walk through a forest on their owners shoulders or backs. They are loyal creatures, however they are capable of leaving their owners if they decide to, though this isn't common and most stay with their owner through their lifespan.  

Okay, now he wants berries

  Taolin aren't picky eaters, often just eating whatever their owners are eating, as their diets are largely similar to that of an average person. However, they are known to try to sneak little treats from time to time, so owners have to keep an eye out for any little tricks they might be pulling to gain some!   When found in the wild, taolin live within little familial communities in forests and keep mostly to themselves. They breed during the summer months and give birth several weeks later of up to ten taolin per litter. Due to the litters being blind and deaf for the first few weeks of their life, it isn't uncommon for half of them to not survive, especially if their community comes under threat from a predator.   When they are set upon by a predator, they retreat into their burrows and will curl themselves up in their tails to protect themselves. At times they will even dig their burrows deeper to try to ensure their safety.
10 years
Average Weight
3 to 4 lbs
Average Length
12 to 18 inches


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They are so cute!!! I want twenty-seven of them! :3   Keep up the good work! :D

Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
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Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
My Summer Camp Entries