"Despite the name, the snorebeast doesn't really snore. It's closer to trumpeting..."
— Unknown


  Found nearly anywhere in the Eight Lands, snorebeasts are quite rare, and awake snorebeasts are even rarer. Very few people have witnessed a snorebeast being awake, and most who see a sleeping one tend to give them a wide berth.   The few who have seen a snorebeast move describe them as remarkably quick for something of their nature.   Snorebeasts possess an extremely rare ability, as they manipulate time around them, however this ability is only active while they are awake, and while they are moving. While their exact speed isn't known, they can only run in their stillspace for around an hour before they run out of energy and collapse asleep. If they are simply walking, however, they can exist within it for a longer period of time.   They can also transfer this property to other creatures, usually done out of spite should you happen to wake one of them up from their rest.  


  With their wide heads and rather large bodies, snorebeasts resemble a mix between a whale and a massive dog. They have a silvery blue fur, and deep blue eyes. Their jaw seems to extend from ear to ear, and their mouth holds four sharp incisors on each side, while the remainder of their teeth are flat.   Snorebeasts do not breed, nor do they stay with others of their kind. They have existed from the beginning of creation and are believed to be leftovers from what came before the Eight Lands. No more than twenty of their kind exist, and they seem to be unable to age.   No one has attempted to kill a snorebeast, largely due to their rarity and the rather dishonourable nature of attacking something asleep.
Average Height
2 meters
Average Weight
Approx. 2500 lbs
Average Length
5 meters


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15 Dec, 2021 09:15

A time controlling snorlax! That's amazing!   Keep up the good work! :D

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Not a snorlax! For legal reasons, we can't call it a snorlax!

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A time travelling big butted sleepyhead! I love it!   Keep up the good work! :D

The cold winter days are rolling in. A fire crackles in the fire place. World Ember is Here!