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"I know it's adorable, but it's massive! If it decides to lie down on you, you're gonna get hurt!"
— A concerned parent

Fluffy Stuff

  Standing at roughly the size of a horse, the nukena is covered in thick, soft grey fur. It has six legs, each with clawless paws at the end of them, as well as a short, stubby tail.   Its head is large and is not dissimilar to that of a wolf, however its eyes are disproportionally large and usually coloured anywhere from purple to green. Nukena also have no visible nose or ears, as both are hidden by its thick fur. Its jaw is massive and holds flat topped teeth, this is due to its diet, which consists of fruit, berries, and general plantlife.  

Honestly Cute

  Nukena can be found in any forested area and are very social creatures. They live in large family groups and are rarely seen alone, though they do not form packs or tribes as wolves or bears would. They are peaceful and friendly by nature, but is prone to bouts of laziness when it comes to its defense; choosing instead to run away from danger.   Their laziness extends from their choice of defense as most nukena choose to lounge around all day, grazing gently at their environment before bedding down for the night in a large pile with the rest of their family group.   They have a slow breeding cycle, only producing one or two cubs every few years after reaching adulthood at the age of one. Their family group raises the cubs together and are all responsible for them, however it isn't uncommon for a cub to wander off and become adopted by a new family group by accident. When this happens, the original family group either never notices them going missing, or will search for them until they give up a day or two later.
30 years
Average Height
1.6 to 2 meters
Average Weight
2000 to 2400 lbs
Average Length
4.5 to 4.9 meters


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4 Dec, 2021 18:25

Yahs, I want one! Or three! Cuddles!

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4 Dec, 2021 18:38

I suspected as much! They'd be happy to oblige but they don't fit many places

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15 Dec, 2021 01:54

They do but not as much as you may think; they don't digest quickly so everything takes a while. Glad you like them!