— A missing father


  The air lies heavy when the nitkim are around, the very earth shying away at their presence. With every step they take, the grass, the flowers, the life of the earth, it all wilts in their path. Their claws reaching down past their knees before they stretch out towards you, beckoning you to get closer and closer.   The dark grows closer, the faint flicker of hope that you carry within you suddenly...disappears.   They aren't the bearers of death or the darkness, they hold your fears. Every fear within you, from the spiders you hate to see crawling near you, to that primal fear of being caught in the night, all the way down to the deepest, darkest fear you hold buried in chains within your soul, they all crawl up your throat, begging to be released, begging to be set free once more. They beg to tear your mind and soul apart, to make you succumb to their nightmares, to make you become nothing but fear.  


  The very bodies of the nitkim incite terror, their limbs stretched thin, their claws long and dripping with shadow, their faces dark and emaciated. Their hollow eye sockets piercing through to your very core, their jaw hanging open with barely threads of black muscle keeping it from falling entirely.   They are born from the collective fear of everyone across the Eight Lands, and summoned in the darkest corners of the darkest places. You can never kill a nitkim, you can only return it to its summoning place, just as you can never kill fear.   You may banish fear, for a time, but it will return with a vengeance, over and over again. Its strength builds with your resistance, its aggression heightens with your panic. The more you fight it, the less you can survive. The claws of the nitkim and of fear itself will drag across your chest, wrapping around you, pulling you into the shadows and plunging you into a world with no light, a world born of fear.
Average Height
6 - 8 feet
Average Weight


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11 Dec, 2021 18:42

Now these beasties... I hope I won't come across them. The article actually gave me the chills. ^,^"   Keep up the good work! :D

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11 Dec, 2021 18:48


11 Dec, 2021 18:59

That's really scary and dark.   I have one question. Can a nitkim be summoned when someone is very afraid of something and can't control it?

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11 Dec, 2021 19:01

It would contribute to the amount of nitkim in the world, perhaps, but not necessarily.

11 Dec, 2021 19:46

you really kept your word there thei... love the creepy vibe and honestly, this is an insanely cool critter.   How common are these nitkim and how are they most often dealt with? :o

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11 Dec, 2021 19:51

They aren't very common to encounter, very much on the rare side. If you do encounter one, unless you're a proficient fighter or mage, you...probably won't survive.

11 Dec, 2021 20:13

Oh, I was not disappointed. Really spooky and I love it!

12 Dec, 2021 03:59

Woo! Glad you liked it!

11 Dec, 2021 20:39

AH, that's scary. Reminds me of the creatures from the Ocean at the End of the Lane.   I do feel like the article could talk a little bit more about the monster's themselves? You use a lot of very nice language to talk about the fear and horror of them, and it's fantastically, evocatively written, but a little bit more description could also be nice :D   Amazing work as always.

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12 Dec, 2021 04:02

Perhaps, but when a living nightmare approaches you, would you want to remember it in intricate detail?

12 Dec, 2021 04:08


The wisest person I know once called me a glorious pinnacle of human mediocrity. I feel this is more or less accurate.   (Ignore what my username says. I am far from grand, let alone a master).
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11 Dec, 2021 20:50

Once again man, the writing is just pristine. Love the imagery of the earth shying away. It really sets the mood and that opening quote hits hard. Oof. As a parent... that is scary.   Now that description is also horrifying. I can picture it so easily. Well done. Loving the species articles man! Well done.

12 Dec, 2021 04:03

I'm really glad that I'm hitting the mark for this one, evocative writing has been gone for a little bit with some of these critters, but with ones like these I have to delve back into it to really get them to hit home and make you feel the unease that goes along with them. I'm happy that you're enjoying them!

11 Dec, 2021 20:59

I love how the article that finally has shadow *not* wanting to hug something is the one where the creature hugs you and drags you into fear.   Very nice article, the quote is definitely good for mood setting.

12 Dec, 2021 04:05

Sometimes all you need is to embrace your fear, but... perhaps don't let it embrace you, it may just take you places you never wanted to go...

13 Jan, 2022 23:12

This one is nice... It reminds me of the first times I have heard "Fear of the Dark". Does that mean the Nitkim could be one indication of the plummeting collective fears before significant events like wars?   I wonder if they can be dealt with, just as one can deal with fear? Would that mean that there are places where Nitkim are much less likely to appear due to lower fear density?

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15 Jan, 2022 11:49

They're not common, but they're born where fear is greatest, no matter where that might be. Confronting them is difficult, but not impossible, and you certainly won't escape unscathed unless you are very, very good at killing what can't be killed.

1 Feb, 2022 02:15

Spooky! Nice article.

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2 Feb, 2022 12:46

Glad you enjoyed it!