Messen Oak

The Finest Timbers in the Eight Lands

Wrought from timbers tough as iron

Throughout the Eight Lands, Messen Oak is known for the creation of the legendary boat named Patrick. Patrick sparked their infamy, and have since become renowned for creating the best ships of the Eight Lands, though the crews are not included with the boats.   Messen Oak take on only a few new customers each year, as it takes months of hard labour to create a ship of great design and engineering. Some of the ships that they are known for creating include the Mainstream, the Utterance, and the Final Flower. These ships are both beautiful in design and perform as some of the best ships in the Eight Lands, managing speeds unseen in many of the heavier ship variants.  

Move, Move, I tell you

The oaken ship frames are cut and bound together by the strongest of glues and the most skilled carpenters and shipwrights from all over the Eight Lands, whether they be of Evini descent, Kanen heritage, or Peri inclination. The workforce of Messen Oak number in the hundreds and they work at each of the capital ports, aside from Sandore and Sanocol.   From the beginning of planning to final polish, each ship takes eight months on average to be created. As such, only about six ships are made each year. As there are only a small amount of ships made each year, the waiting list for a ship is over a decade long.

Axes, Chisels & Handsaws At The Ready

Jovien Messen
Guild, Merchant


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