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"I'm telling you, learn some marks, you'll get away with anything!"
"You're an idiot, Habide, you know what happened when Ysta tried to find a book on marks! She's dead now!"
— Misguided children

Magicks in the Making

  Of those that can penetrate the fabric of the universe and pull magic into their being, a few of them are able to do so with but a thought, a momentary glimpse of what they wish to happen and it becomes made so. How the others manage their castings, however, is through the use of magemarks. There are hundreds of magemarks, however none as crucial as the fifteen cornerstone marks.   Each of the fifteen are capable of creating an effect alone, however when used in tandem with others, they might create an effect wholly opposite or even entirely unrelated to what they do by themselves. For example, when the marks of olle and ved combine, they create the shattermark of visked, the combination of olle and hais, however, creates the dancemark of jillae.   While the marks themselves can be written down, their glyphs are there to provide instruction on how to form them in casting. Each mark can be cast with just a single hand, though greater effects may be managed when forming them with two.  


Ved, known as the joinermark, is used to repair broken objects, as well as finding use in spells to heal the body and soul.


Kach, also called the splashmark, can cause objects to be sprayed. While a simple effect, it's one that can be used with a variety of approaches.


Ninn is known as the quietmark, although its effect doesn't simply quiet sounds, it can also increase their volume.


Olle, the shockermark, creates the effect of energy jolting from the user. While this is usually some form of lightning, it can vary by spell.


The calmmark, known as ebia, while thought to be similar to the quietmark of ninn, is perhaps one of the most versatile marks of them all. It is most commonly used to calm heavily injured bodies.


Abrek, the firemark, is perhaps the simplest of them all. It creates flame and is paramount for all fire-based magicks.


The lightmark of eadrin offers a similar solution to the firemark, however it generates light with no heat, making it essential for places where fire might be a hazard. When formed in reverse eadrin becomes the duskmark.


There is little visible to the effects of arkay, however its place as the forcemark is quintessential for some evocative magicks.


The tidemark, also called the watermark, is the basis for water magicks, as well as spells with other varieties of liquids.


Vilgru is the frostmark, used easily and frequently so as to chill and freeze objects, liquids, and even people.


The darkest of the magemarks is teath, also known as the deathmark. It forms the foundation for all spells that intend, above all else, to manipulate the dead or dying.


Called the truthmark, ialos can be used to guide blades or make those with tight lips find their tongues to speak again.


Known as the sightmark, sey can help people find what is lost, as well as show what needs to be seen. Because of this, some have also called it the markers mark.


The voicemark, perhaps one of the most complicated magemark to use, not due to its own complexity but due to the specificity of its uses.


Hais takes its place as the second dual mark. Formed truly, it holds the mantle of the sagemark, and formed in reverse it becomes the blindmark.

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"Look, young lady, we can't just let you go taking books all willy-nilly now. Either you hand it over, or you're gonna have to have a chat with some of the Magisterium folk, y'hear? I don't want a kid like you to get into more trouble than it's worth, so just... hand it over."
— A troubled guard
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