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"Did you see that?! I think that's a flytt! It had so many colours!"
"Don't be absurd, flytts are just a myth."
— Unknown


  Thought to not exist across the mortal lands, flytts have been regaled to the place of children's stories and legends left in the footnotes of obscure tomes. These stories speak of a fey creature that resembles the dragons and drakes of the Eight Lands but vastly different all at once. They speak of iridescent scales, colours beyond belief, and wings made of the most delicate fibers. There is no end to the variations of flytts in these tales, from beaks to feathered tails.   Over time these legends and stories became less than even the dregs of what they already were. From footnotes on pages to wasted ink on floors, flytts slowly faded out of the lives across the Eight Lands.  


  There are only so many ways that one may be able to witness something go into extinction of even books of legends, and there are even fewer ways for something to witness itself be made extinct from legend.   In places rarely trod, the places not lost but not quite found, there are many things to be found.   Some of those things, with their paper thin, silvered wings stretching from their backs like a dragonfly, its sleek body covered in pearlescent feathers, and its soft, gentle form, are flytts. Whether they have always been there or they have recently returned, one could not say.   However, their presence is felt by their kin, and their place in the Eight Lands is not one to be held alone, as the bizarre and the bleak must stand shoulder to shoulder. What one has, the other must have in kind, and this mortal coil is no exception.
Average Height
Approx. 4 feet
Average Weight
Average Length
Approx. 10 feet


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