"Oh you have got to be kidding me. STEVEN!?"
"Yeah mate?"
"I found a friend!"
"Oh you fuckin' idiot. That's not a friend! Look at it's tail!"
"What about it's-ohhhh..."
— Steven and his friend, who apparently knows more about local fauna than he does

A Creation of Heat

  Of the millions of foxes that roam the Eight Lands, each already born with an attunement to the elements that brings the orange hue to their fur, there are a rare breed among them: those that possess the gift of fire. Bringing forth the flames of the hellscape that they are connected to, these firefoxes are capable of burning at intense temperatures, with some even able to burn through metal.   Many imagine them to be a flaming shape that resembles a fox without a physical body, however this is untrue. Firefoxes exist just as regular foxes until they call forth their fire, bringing the flickering heat to bear across their fur.  

A Fleet Temptation

  Despite their rarity, many have tried to hunt down these elusive creatures, and nearly all of those attempts have resulted in the charred and blackened corpse of the hunter lying in a ditch waiting to be found by their party.   Firefoxes are as reserved as an average fox, but when angered their rage expresses through their sudden ignition. Their flame spreads across their body, wreathing them in a blazing inferno, changing the once thought to be simple creature into a force to be reckoned with. Their bite burns with hellfire and their claws rend flesh as if made of hot steel.   Only one firefox has ever chosen to take a human as a companion in the millennias of the Eight Lands. Their human was a once average person known as Yvrelle Thatcher, and the firefox became known as Trixie.
3 - 4 years
Average Height
14 - 20 inches at the shoulder
Average Weight
5 - 31 lbs
Average Length
18 - 35 inches


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11 Nov, 2022 16:29

Aww. The perfect companion for these cold winters. I love them <3