"What do you mean you touched an elecca?.....YOU BLOODY IDIOT, YOU'RE LUCKY YOU AREN'T DEAD."
— A pissed off father


  The elecca lives in the forests of Kirchwal It has sharp claws on each of its three toes at the ends of its six limbs, making it excellent at climbing and defending itself. Its skin is taut displaying the shocks that run through it, as well as the powerful musculature. It also has long prehensile tail which helps it balance and hold its food while eating. While it doesn't have a particularly powerful sense of smell, its hearing is very acute and has the ability to process sounds while asleep to remain alert. Because of its hearing, the usually nocturnal elecca has been known to shift in the daylight if it senses something getting near to its resting place in the roots of a tree.   An oddity of the elecca lies in it having electricity coursing through its body instead of blood, giving it the energy it needs to survive, however, because of this the elecca needs to be constantly active while awake. The elecca is one of only a few species that have been able to develop the ability to generate electricity internally, let alone have it be their lifeblood, but it is believed that the elecca's long tail helps it store and transfer power. Due to its unique anatomy, the elecca is sought after for better study.  


  The elecca survives mainly on fruit from trees found deep in the forest, but it is also partial to insects and other small animals that live there. The elecca is very territorial, so regular patrols of its home is essential for survival. It will attack anything which enters its territory, including people if they wander too far into the woods at night.   The elecca gives birth in late autumn to only one or two offspring. The cubs are born with a coating of fur, however they shed the fur and develop the ability to generate their own electricity within two or three weeks. Until they're able to generate their own electricity, they siphon it from their mothers by attaching themselves to her back, near her tail.   They stay in their mother's territory for about six months before leaving forever, usually to find a mate and create their own home territory.
10 years
Average Height
Approximately 1 to 2 feet
Average Weight
Average Length
Approximately 2 to 3 feet


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27 Nov, 2021 13:00

Cool creature! How does it survive sleeping if they need to be active in order to generate energy?

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27 Nov, 2021 13:03

It generates and stores it up while it's awake, so it can't just toddle about, it has to be active, because that energy goes to keeping it alive when it has to rest.

27 Nov, 2021 13:11

What a terrific little creature! I want one! How does it defend itself or attack others? I assume the claws, of course, but does it have electric attacks of sorts?   Keep up the good work! :D

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27 Nov, 2021 13:13

It doesn't tend to, because it needs its energy, but it can channel it through their claws!

27 Nov, 2021 17:03

Cool little critter. I loved the quote, really set a good tone.