Crab Dragon

"....I'm sorry, what kind of dragon is that again?"
"Hm? Oh. That's Harold."
"I know that's Harold, but what kind of dragon are they?"
"Ohhh, sorry, yeah they're a crab dragon."
"A...yeah, no, nevermind, that explains a lot."
— Unknown

An Unexpected Result

  Created from a fractured experiment meant to find ways of better protecting the inhabitants of the Eight Lands. After its initial failure, the abhorrent mixture was thrown away, left for creatures to encounter in the wild. It is that eldritch abomination of mixed ingredients that these creatures crept forth from, bringing themselves into what can only be called an unholy existence.   There is no real way of knowing what sort of creatures could have come forth from this unintentional creatrion, but the people of the Eight Lands were shocked nonetheless at the slow appearance of creatures that take the body of a drake, yet covered in thick, orange chitinous plating, along with six legs and two claws. Many thought that some form of crab had become immensely large in some odd accident, however once the creature breathed blue flame, that notion was quickly dismissed.  

A Cursed Invention

  No one has taken responsibility for this act of creation, however according to the populace of the Northern shores of Bihulling where the initial experiment was taking place, the sole blame lies with the Magisterium. No statement was made by them when people inquired about the phenomenon, though many more wizards were seen to travel up north to where the creatures made their home.   Some have called for their extermination, others have spoken out for their preservation. Neither route has been taken, and it seems that the world at large is simply allowing them their own territory.   These creatures are not easy to kill, their plating is thick and easily as tough as iron. Their fire is hotter than most, almost as if it was a concentrated heat as compared to other creatures who produce flame. They have also been seen to live in and out of water, leading those who study them to believe that they can either breath air and water, or that they can store air for use underwater somewhere in their bodies.   Many researchers would like to examine a specimen, however once one of them has died, others nearby begin to eat them, making it impossible to retrieve a corpse.
10 years
Average Height
2 meters
Average Weight
Approx. 3000lbs
Average Length
6 meters


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29 Jun, 2022 14:34

Now that... is both creepy and epic. I want to have one of them x3   Keep up the good work! :D

Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
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29 Jun, 2022 14:37

You want one of all my critters!

29 Jun, 2022 20:50

Yes! Indeed!

Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
My Summer Camp Entries
17 Jul, 2022 12:05

They are very scary, but they sound like they'd make good guard critters. =)   would still try to pet one tho

17 Jul, 2022 13:53

You shouldn't try to pet it, that's how you lose limbs