"Khawuleza ngoku, Liliea, kufuneka usikelelwe ngu-Aci'enta!!"
— Mother of Liliea

The Roar of Inevitability

  From his realm above the skies, where light touches infinity and the shadows lie in turmoil, sits the one known as Aci'enta.   Stories tell of the Great Lion whose roar shattered what was and brought to life what is, that his paws tread on the very ground you step on, and that the wind is his breath. That he is and always will be.   The waves drift in the patterns he dictates, the mountains rise as high as he allows, there is no thing in this world that is not beholden to the will of the Lord of Destiny.  

The Claws of Time

  Though he brings his will to everything that will be, connecting them to the proper flow of events, there are some choices that mean very little to a creature of his being. Choices such as what one creature might eat on a given night, or if you have had to fight your way out of a bad situation. They are left entirely to the creatures of the Eight Lands as Aci'enta has no desire to dictate the will of all of them. He believes in a proper flow, and that flow is his to manage.   His focus is on the world, not on an individual.   An individual may take his interest from time to time, if they may have a key part to play in the flow of events, but few in history have been said to be truly blessed by Aci'enta.   The few words claimed to be spoken directly to one of his blessed are carved into every symbol carried by those who believe in him, and sit in the walls of every temple and shrine dedicated to him.   You choose your path.
by Theiket (via MidJourney)
Divine Classification
Lord of Destiny


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