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Moors, Mists and a Promise of Paradise

Genre Early Victorian horror, with fantasy elements   Mood and theme Small scale horror. You have to make your way in a strange country where the landscape feels strange and hostile. Maybe you were sent here because civilized society didn’t have a better use for you. Maybe you choose to come here, truly believing the promises of a better life they gave you. At least, it can’t be worse than where you came from. Can it?   Here, you have to come to terms with your own mind. Do you follow the small path of righteousness? Will you carve out an existence for yourself bij doing what they say is right and follow the promises of your own house, enough food, a simple but pleasant life. Or are you not strong enough for this? Will the distractions turn out to be too great and your mind too weak? Do the whispers in the wind promise more than honest hard work can give you? Perhaps you actually go insane and believe the dancing lights on the moor to be real?   Landscape You are in a wide open landscape in the middle of nowhere. It is an isolated region, with large areas of moorland, plenty of natural resources and only a small number of people. It is mostly flat or with low hills scattered with oddly formed rocks. There is an abundance of water, but it is not directly connected to the sea. Its main connection to the ‘real’ world is through a thriving larger city or a cluster of larger cities near the sea. This city is hard to reach, thanks to a difficult mountain pass.   Time period Early Victorian, 19th century, with fantasy and steampunk elements   Major conflicts
  • Conquering your fears
  • Exploitation of people and natural resources
  • Rich versus poor
  • Superstition, science and religion

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