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Probably the closest specimens one can find to humans today, Prometheans survived the War of Darkness by throwing caution and, in some cases, ethics to the wind to find their salvation in science. Using the inspiration granted by the mythical First Flame, Prometheans were able to experiment upon and change themselves to become, in a sense, 'monsters' themselves.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

At birth, Promethean anatomy is generally identical to human anatomy. However, some mutate themselves into something more bestial when their Day of Enlightenment comes.

Genetics and Reproduction

Prometheans reproduce as humans do.

Ecology and Habitats

Prometheans are just as adaptable, if not more so, as humans, and can be found in most environs.

Dietary needs and habits

Prometheans are omnivores.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

The average Promethean has angular features, dark hair, and somewhat-contracted eyes.

Average Intelligence

Prometheans, on average, are possessed of very high intelligence, due to scientific alteration and pressure from the environment.

Perception and Sensory capabilities

Apart from those who modify themselves to improve their senses, Prometheans have identical senses to humans.

Civilization and Culture

Naming traditions

Promethean names are typically stuffy and multisyllabic. A recent trend has arisen in which newborn Prometheans are literally named titles such as 'Professor', 'Doctor', etc.

Average technological level

Prometheans likely have the highest attained technological level of any monster. They have been persuaded to share, and most of Malgrovia's advancements can be linked to the Prometheans.

Common Dress code

Promethean attire is an interesting fusion of work wear and formal wear; an average Promethean could be wearing a waistcoat, cravat, thick rubber gloves, and work boots, and not be seen as odd, though many of these are tweaked to superficially resemble something that could be found in the opposite category.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Shortly before adulthood, a Promethean partakes a ceremony called the Day of Enlightenment. On this day, the Promethean chooses whether to receive a prosthetic (which can be mechanical or preserved flesh) or a mutation; these can be as simple as a robotic arm or as drastic as gaining an insectoid physiology or complete invisibility. This is done in order to increase their capabilities in the scientific field, though it started out as a method to hide their obvious humanity.


Prometheans came into prominence in the last days of the War of Darkness; to avoid their fate, many intelligent humans came together and devoted themselves to science, either to defeat the enemy, or to hide until it was safe to reveal themselves. Salvation came with the discovery of the First Flame, said to have been brought from the heavens to enlighten mankind; enlighten them it did, as the powers of the Flame allowed the first Prometheans to break the bounds of reality to create life, blend and merge species, and other endeavors long thought impossible.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
70 years
Average height
150-180 cm
Average weight
50-55 kg
Average physique
Most Prometheans are thin and somewhat wiry, though many alter themselves to be stronger.

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