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In Project:_Megahuman, vigilantes are employed by the Vigilante Heroism Support Program (VHS Program). Vigilantes get paid an amount dependent on the following:
  • The Power Level of the Negahuman that they apprehend
  • The amount of time that they take to apprehend the Negahuman
  • The amount of collateral damage that is caused by the ensuing battle



The only qualifications are (1) a criminal record clean of felonies and less than 10 misdemeanors and (2) a body in the condition to fight at any given time. There's also the employment restriction, which is that if there are too many on the VHS Program, they won't accept any incoming applications, no matter the Power Level.

Career Progression

  1. Recruit (0 apprehensions)
  2. Small-time hero (50 apprehensions)
  3. Hero (100 apprehensions)
  4. Professional hero (1,000 apprehensions)
  5. Big-shot hero (50,000 apprehensions)
  6. Legend (1,000,000 apprehensions)

Payment & Reimbursement

The salary is paid on a case-by-case basis, and a Vigilante is paid as follows:
  • $470 for each consecutive Power Level of the apprehended Megahuman
  • -$1 for each minute spent battling to commence apprehension
    • The only exception to this is in the event of a city-to-world-wide threat.
  • Any cost of collateral damage is immediately deducted from the paycheck

Other Benefits

  • Life insurance
  • Free dental
  • 401K
  • Free healthcare
  • Social cred
  • Fame
  • Heroic Benefits
    • Similar to veteran benefits of the real world
    • Varies from business to business



The purpose of a Vigilante is to work alongside legal law enforcement to apprehend Negahumans.

Social Status

The occupation of Vigilante is one that is sought after by many.


The demographic is between the ages of 16-65.


At first, Vigilantes were illegal, as they are in the real world, but as more and more Negahumans began to appear, the Vigilante Heroism Support Program was enacted in the US under an Executive Order, making Vigilantes not only legal, but also federally supported.



The basic equipment are as follows:
  • Variable Uniform (optional)
  • Stopwatch (required)
  • Megability-suppressing restraints (required)
    • Developed by Illint Ent
  • Radio headset (optional for telepaths)
    • Includes pre-installed police scanner


The VHS Program's Base of Operations is a clean workplace which offers other forms of employment in addition to Vigilantism. The office workplace is very calm, only very rarely getting attacked due to the numbers of Vigilantes employed there.
Alternative Names
Hero, Superhero
Social Services

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