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Peppermint Daniels

Professor Peppermint Laurel Daniels (a.k.a. Peps)

Peppermint Laurel Daniels is a Speedster-type Megahuman with the Megability known as Omnispeed, as well as Hyper-Awareness (fourth-wall breaking), a magical contract with a god-like entity, and nigh immortality.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A perpetually-smiling girl small in frame and in height, Peppermint has burning, electric-yellow eyes that seem to burn with spunk and passion. Her hair is red, but it also has black peppered in. Her freckles seem to be organized in a vortex spiral, giving the illusion of a peppermint candy.

Body Features

Peps has pale skin, but that is overshadowed by her peppermint-like facial freckles. She has a lithe, athletic build, which allows her to run faster with ease. Her red hair, peppered with black, is in a bob cut to prevent it from snagging on a stray possibility. She also has two long groups of hair hanging down her back, which she hides under her shirt.

Facial Features

She has an oblong face with peppermint-like freckles spiraling outward. Her eyes are electric yellow, and almost contain a fiery glow from the amount of energy she produces. Both of her ears are pierced, and she usually wears authentic red diamond stud earrings.

Physical quirks

She is left-handed, and she has a habit of

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Peppermint was born in the year 2156, and she grew up hearing stories that her parents told her about her aunt. At the age of 10, she became so annoyed by compared to her sister that she ran away... from time itself. She accidentally ran so far back in time that she ran past the beginning of it. As such, she ran forwards again, and she ended up unintentionally de-aging and became her own aunt.
She was raised by her biological grandparents as an adopted daughter, but now she was to become the best friend of the Megahuman named Ashlee Hayes. In kindergarten, she saved Ashlee from a group of bullies, and they quickly became best friends. She graduated high school at the age of 13, earned her 15 doctorates by the age of 19, and accidentally became the Shogunate of feudal Japan at the age of 20.


Doctorates, in chronological order of collection
  1. World History
  2. Human Biology
  3. Megahuman Biology
  4. Psychology
  5. Physics
  6. Quantum Physics
  7. Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  8. Magical Theory
  9. Advanced Magical Theory
  10. Chemistry
  11. Linguistics
  12. Advanced Linguistics
  13. Repulsorlift Technologies
  14. Literature
  15. Video Games


Peps is currently employed with simultaneous hours at Kirby's Komix, Milkshake Monarch, and Amazon.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Created Time
  • Created the universe
  • Out-ran Barry Allen
  • Ascended to godhood
  • Out-ran instant teleportation
  • Created umpteen Time Remnants to take her place
  • Generated enough energy to create matter
  • Escaped from the singularity of a black hole
  • Lived and raised before she was born
  • Signed a pact to control the most chaotic entity

Morality & Philosophy

Do what you want. If a prophecy says otherwise, just sidestep and continue on doing what you want.


  • Killing without first forgiving 490 times
  • Injuring another hero
  • Injuring an innocent
  • Denying the existence of magic
Year of Birth
2156 CE -106 Years old
Bright, gold
Short, red-and-black-peppered
5' or 1.5 m
106 lbs or 48 kg
Known Languages
Peps can hear a single sentence uttered in a language and be able to speak that language perfectly. As such, she potentially speaks the 1.0911096(1014) languages of the universe.

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