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Daniels Ancestral Home

The Impossible House

Written by Rigin Lorae

The Daniels Ancestral Home is, as one can guess from the name, the ancestral home of the megahuman Peppermint Daniels, as well as the rest of her family.

Purpose / Function

The Daniels Ancestral Home's purpose is to serve as safe zone for all members of the Daniels legacy, which includes friends and extended family. It is in an occasional temporal flux, and as such disappears occasionally, only to reappear sooner or later.


In chronological order
  • 1807: Tachyon Capacitor installed
  • 1963: Dimensional Transcendence Block-Transfer Equator installed
    • The house is now bigger on the inside
  • 1587: Temporal Flux Stabilizer installed
  • 1888: Wi-fi hotspot installed
  • 1879: Power generator installed
  • 1634: Multiversal Window installed
  • 1905: 3-Dimensional Holographic Display & Relays installed
  • 2001: Matter Trans-Locator installed
    • Dimensions are 3 meters x 3 meters x 5 meters
  • 2015: Cold Plasma Molecular Disruption Field Generator and Relays installed


The Daniels Ancestral Home is built identically to the Sanctum Sanctorum, as that was its inspiration following the ancient Omega Sorcerer Saltpeter Daniels' vision. It even has a third-floor meditation room, which has a copy of the Window of Worlds.


The Daniels Ancestral Home is located at 177a Bleecker Street, New York City, NY 10012-1406. It was placed there by Saltpeter Daniels on May 24, 1604 after he saw a vision which consisted of the full two hours of the Doctor Strange movie.
Alternative Names
Peps' House; Sanctum Sanctorum

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