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The vibrava is a plant foreign to Earth which produces a metallic fruit, although its interaction with Earth's composition has caused its fruit to contain carbon, thus becoming the only terrestrial source of the alloy carbovibrium.


Material Characteristics

Carbovibrium has a dull sheen. It looks nearly identical to steel, but with the pink of rose gold. If alloyed with iron, however, it becomes a deep shade of crimson, and becomes quite reflective.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Crbovibrium is more durable than any alloy made with materials native to Earth, but it is extremely volatile when in contact with hemoglobin.


Bloodsteel (carbovibrium + iron)

Geology & Geography

While the vibrava tree originated from the homeworld of the Oni, the fruit that contain carbovibrium are unique to Earth.

Origin & Source

Carbovibrium is produced by the foreign vibrava tree.

Life & Expiration

While considered stable by all human scientists, it is, in fact, radioactive. It's halflife is around 5 thousand millennia.

History & Usage


The Oni brought it to Earth as a way to add culture to the planet.

Everyday use

Carbovibrium is commonly used in arms and armor, as well as in the construction of power plants, strongholds, and laboratories.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It is most commonly used by the Oni people of Earth by seers and religious figures.

Industrial Use

It can be alloyed with iron to create bloodsteel, but all other metals are "rejected" by it.


Carbovibrium requires smelting to
Carbovibrium has the very faint, almost unnoticeable odor of bitter almonds.
Carbovibrium shares its taste with the berries of the atropa belladonna plant, despite being nontoxic.
Steely with the pink of rose gold. If bloodsteel, then deep crimson.
Boiling / Condensation Point
5,555°C, 10,030°F
Melting / Freezing Point
3,414°C, 6,177°F
Common State

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