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After an American top-secret experiment involving an alien cryopod, megahumans have been introduced to society. After a few generations of ever-growing megahuman births, the world's nations have developed laws that protect the rights of megahumans and negahumans alike, leading to a world found only in stories.
  In addition to the cryopod crashing, a small group of aliens known as Oni invaded Japan (because their navigational calculations were off) when the crashed research craft gave off a distress signal. They realized that Earth was not ready to handle the existence of aliens, so they merely gave them a stable governmental structure and a technological advantage and proceeded to leave.
  Our story follows the subspacer Ashlee Hayes, her best friend Peppermint Daniels, and even the villainous Techno Babble in this story of gods and monsters!
  Ashlee has the ability to access Subspace, which she uses on a daily basis. Peppermint has the power of Omnispeed, a unique variation of superspeed which allows her to run beyond the mortal plane, and visit literal gods every now and again. Techno Babble is a technomancer, who utilizes both techno-sorcery (more commonly called technomagic) and technological magic.

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