The boat that doesn't need magic

Professional name TBA

Prototype vehicle
The boat that doesn't need magic, is, as the name would imply, a boat that doesn't need magic - a trait uniquely rare to itself, as every vehicle in Amanic is propelled, in one way or another, by magic. It was created by Karru (no surname) during his early 20s - and it's a one-of-a-kind type of boat, as he hasn't yet managed to create another one

The unnecesarily complex anatomy of The Rebel

If one wishes to understand The Rebel's anatomy, you have to see it as
A wooden dragon
— Karru
While that is a far-fetched comparison, it is true that it was devised as a ship that could fly the same way dragons did: no magic involved, just air and wings. It was a feat much unachievable for that time - and still is, you'll see

The Rebel - Dragon parts

The Rebel - Dragon Parts by Pierrot

The wings won't actually take the ship upwards unless there's an appropriate current, but their size and quality of material make it so that, with a good height, the Rebel can stay 'afloat' for a long time

Yet, one will wonder how this thing turns around. When it's not subject of the wind's equally frustrating unpredictability, the wheel of the ship makes it so that you - can feel like you can - control where the ship moves


Anatomy by Pierrot

It ain't no fun ride - no seatbelts available. You may have noticed that the passengers only have the 60cm tall walls keeping them on deck, and you are correct! The engineer behind this feat of vehicle-making didn't think that maybe a sky-soaring machine should have safety measures - spending too much time with pirates made him that way   Since he wasn't really hoping for the ship to actually work, Karru also didn't design anything to put your fancy luggage into. Best option is to put it right where the inner workings go, but the gears may crush it...which is less than convenient
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The Rebel
If it works, it can't be bad!
Not up for sale!
Karru claims it has reached the speed of a baby dragon

The (not) wonderful Inner Workings

by Pierrot
It has always been theorized that the people from the Draconic Villages have a tremendous creativity - but what is creativity if you can explain exactly what's going on, in a fashion that everyone can understand?

Be not concerned, for not even Karru can explain how the Inner their thing! Yeah, sure, they move the wings and so and so, but how does that happen? It's a complete mystery. Sure, he could be witholding information from others so that his invention is never stolen...but I say that's nonsense! He doesn't know! Fraud! Fraud!

How does it sail?

Being the closest thing to planes in Amanic, there aren't quite a lot of things in the world that can accomodate for this vehicle's unique necessities. Mountain tops, exceptionally high buildings, a tornado...the list doesn't really go on

(Not shown in picture) It relies on its wheels for both taking off and landing - taking off is almost always easier, as it's mostly just throwing the ship off a cliff and hoping the wings won't spontaneously fold while still in the air

Landing, however, is another story entirely. So far, the Rebel has only 'landed' on water, and it was quite literally a crash landing

Recorded sailings

Test drive

When building the first prototype, the wheels had still not been even thought of - hence, Karru and his crew figured it's be best to throw the boat off a cliff. The wings, which back then were made of wool and not foldable, carried the entire trip on their back as they also kept the ship at a safe distance from the ground

The 'flight' itself was not worth remembering. No accidents nor achievements, so the only thing that remembers how it went is the small journal one of Karru's friends used to narrate the trip  

V2 flight

Several months after that first flight - and having used the ship countless times since - Karru devised a unique redesign for The Rebel, which was named like so because it technically broke the laws of nature
Now featuring nicer materials and wheels, this was a more memorable flight - the most memorable, some say, as the ship was caught in a storm and put to the test

The Rebel proved its superiority by braving the storm and making it out in - almost - one piece, though it was undeniable how unprepared it was for such extreme weather conditions
The Rebel
A very rebel ship


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This is fantastic! I was chuckling inwardly while reading this. I love how unprepared and useless this ship appears to be! I mean, if you needed to use it as a cargo ship, no luck there, and you might fall off the ship too. XD

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