Project Whisper

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The world is running rapidly out of its resources as we're propelled further and further into the digital age. Wars have ravaged the globe as humanity competes more and more to survive. Determined to shift the tides, the American government partnered with the company GenCo to create Project Whisper, a top secret project determined to create genetically-modified super soldiers.   The first of these genmods were volunteers, soldiers wanting to serve their country. They didn't survive the initial tests. In fact, it took thirteen trials to finally get a result. By this time, the government had stopped sending soldiers and had begun handing over prisoners with life sentences, or those that had been assigned the death penalty, as well as teen runaways and a handful of foster children with no families. Trial thirteen had forty-three successful genmods, mutated humans that were beyond what anyone at Project Whisper could've hoped for. They weren't just super soldiers, they were super powered. Some could manipulate minds, others defied gravity, and others could control the fundamental elements of the earth.   While they were offered a chance at redemption, a future, the opportunity to serve their country and protect the people they loved, the conditions in the secret bunker that served as their prison were cruel. Their days and nights were spent locked in a cell, training viciously against each other, or undergoing excruciating experiments.   So a plan was hatched to escape.