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The Kent Prime Sea Kraken

Like, think about it, dude, there's so much ocean here, who knows what lives in there!
— Juris Boka, radio host
The only life forms ever found on Kent Prime are primitve single celled organisms. Xenobiologists assume that life developed much later here than on Earth, so evolution has not progressed to more complex life yet.   Whenever humanity has settled a new planet, however, urban legends about alien life started to appear without fail. Even when Luna was first settled, a well explored and very dead rock in space, it was just a matter of month before the first cryptid sightings. It should not come as a surprise, then, that Kent Prime, with its breathable atmosphere and vast oceans, was a fertile ground for all sorts of monster stories to appear, no matter what scientists had to say about the matter.   The most famous such story is that of the Kent Prime Sea Kraken. It is said to be an enormous tentacled beast that lives deep in the uncharted regions of the planet's oceans. The legends can be traced all the way back to the first half of the 22nd century, shortly after the planet was first settled. It didn't get popular until much later, though.   In 2164, a strange incident happened. A Leviathan rocket about to be launched near the southern tip of New Oceania experienced an unknown failure while filling its ballast tank and rapidly sunk. The wreckage was never found. While the official investigation took a month a plausible explanation relating to improperly filled fuel tanks flooding with sea water, the imagination of the public was running wild. After an elderly listener called in to the popular radio show The Nadezhda Dispatch and regaled hosts and audience alike with the tale of the Kraken, it spread like wildfire and became widely known all over the planet and beyond.   Only a vanishingly small number of people actually believes in the Kraken, of course, but the undeniable narrative appeal of the monster has led to a wealth of media. Popular examples include the children's book Kraky is a Hugger, the mystery horror novel The Leviathan Incident and the Earth action blockbuster The Wrath of the Seas.

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