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Citadel KV1-A

Born from fire, and from steel, the Hero's home sat, quietly, amongst the stars themselves.

Written by Lord Ven

Citadel KV1-A Is the primary space station constructed around Tratelli, and is used as the main method of transportation to and from Tratelli, often with single use drop pods or multi-use interplanetary ships. An intimidating space station manned by many members of the coalition at once.

Purpose / Function

Citadel KV1-A is the last stop before Tratelli, and is used as both a meeting point for colonizers or is used to occasionally drop supplies down to the world below. Deployment to the surface involves a drop pod, and enough materials and supplies to survive for a couple weeks, beyond that is up to the them.


Citadel KV1-A is a stark steel-gray prison of a facility, holding only what is essential. The station itself is not considerably large, only the size of a small town, with multiple docking pods standing out from the central ring. Harsh lighting and large metal doors make up the only noticeable separation from the gray walls, with warnings, writings and arrows herding those who visit away from dangers and towards the drop-bays.


Citadel KV1-A was designed in Galactic Year 1/8/3422, and was finished in 11/14/3422, just in time for the second colonization. From then on, it has been used as a staging ground and the one of the main enforcers of the Tratellian Colonization Law.
Orbital, Station
Parent Location
GAIA Solar System
The Chaerr Coalition
Owning Organization
The Chaerr Coalition

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Author's Notes

You probably won't hear much about The Atrium outside of the first two or three Missions, mostly the Prologue, as Tratelli is primarily focused on the planet GAIA.

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