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Amidst a world turned to frozen wasteland, rumors of supernatural abilities being wielded by a select few have emerged and given rise to the label of Psykers. These elusive individuals are exceedingly rare, emerging from the shadows through circumstances as mysterious as their powers. Yet, it is through this enigmatic path that they come to understand the truth - that the world around them is not bound by physical laws alone, but is instead a metaphysical force that envelops and connects all things. With this knowledge, they gain the power to manipulate reality itself through the force of their will, transcending the limits of the physical and unleashing the power of the spiritual realm.   The manifestation of the truth remains a mystery, as this power can be bestowed upon any individual at any given moment, though it is exceedingly rare. These individuals, known as Psykers, are often ostracized from society due to their potent abilities, which inspire both awe and fear in equal measure. The mere possibility of a Psyker losing control and unleashing a cataclysmic, city-wide explosion from within their own body is enough to strike terror into the hearts of the populace. Indeed, those unfortunate enough to witness a Psyker's meltdown will never forget the sight of their eyes and mouth blazing with an otherworldly white light - a harbinger of destruction that claims not only the Psyker's own life, but countless others as well.   Those who have braved the harrowing journey of uncovering the "truth" shall reclaim their sanity and identity, while simultaneously gaining access to an awe-inspiring array of supernatural abilities. The path to mastering these powers is paved with the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the unwavering application of one's innate abilities, leading to an ever-increasing proficiency and the unlocking of unparalleled potential. Each psyker possesses a unique and intricate set of powers, most of which can be classified according to their extraordinary manifestations.   Amidst the shadows, they are known by many names. Nearly all call them the Psykers, while few refer to them as Sleepers, and still more have whispered their true name: the Psikers. Their presence is felt, but their form remains elusive, shrouded in mystery and enigma.  


  This psykers are a unique group of individuals who possess a wide range of psychic abilities that are completely random in nature. Some are capable of unleashing their immense power onto entire armies, while others are as useless as ants with barely a flicker of psychic energy to display. These unpredictable and dangerous beings possess a power level that varies greatly, making them a force to be reckoned with. It is no wonder that the vast majority of psykers fall into this label, as their abilities are just as diverse as they are formidable.  


  These are a classification of individuals who possess a range of mind-altering and telekinetic abilities unique to each person. However, their abilities are not to be underestimated, for they possess a dangerous power to manipulate and control the minds of others, as well as move objects and energy with ease. Typically, telekinetic individuals rely on hand gestures or motions to influence their surroundings, but those who are truly skilled are able to move physical objects through the sheer force of their thoughts alone.  


  Alpha psykers are a rare breed, renowned for their mastery of Spatial Manipulation, which grants them the ability to effortlessly warp the fabric of space-time, transporting themselves and others to any location in the universe. With this power, they possess the unique gift of peering into the secrets of existence, delving into the mysteries of the past and the future with unparalleled clarity and insight.  


  The individuals in this classification hold immense power, making them the rarest of psykers. They have the ability to manipulate reality at their own whim, through sheer willpower and imagination. Their power is so great that many believe it impossible to defeat them, and attempting to do so is considered certain suicide. Those who possess this classification are often feared and ostracized, as their power poses a significant threat to society. They are hunted relentlessly by those who seek to eliminate the threat they pose, and are often treated as outcasts.   Despite their immense power, these individuals are not invincible. While they can manipulate reality with their willpower and imagination, their range of perception is limited compared to that of omega psykers. Furthermore, their minds are not impervious to psychological manipulation. If they begin to believe that they are weak or powerless, their power becomes powerless as well. It's important to note that even though they possess such a great power, they are not all-knowing or invincible. They too can be caught off guard and surprised, unable to predict the future unless specifically stated otherwise.  


  Ritual Magic, also known as "Rituals", is a practice that harnesses one's spiritual essence from the depths of their mind. Unlike other forms of magic that rely on a specific consciousness, Ritual Magic empowers its practitioners to manipulate the world around them in a more versatile manner. Through the use of precise and intricate rituals, one can transcend the limits of their own consciousness and tap into a greater, more profound source of power.   To initiate a ritual, one must possess knowledge of the type of ritual they aim to create in order to bring their wish to fruition. Once they have a desired outcome in mind, the ritualist must first create an imaginary sigil--any shape or form suffices as long as it is infused with strong emotion and belief--and draw it on the ground with chalk or stick.   Subsequently, the sigil must be set aflame; the flames that arise from the sigil's markings will provide the ritualist with visions of the specific tasks and requirements necessary to manifest their envisioned ritual. These requirements and instructions are unique to each individual, dependent on the surreal and intricate nature of their desired wish.   Performing a ritual is a laborious task that demands significant time and effort from the ritualist. One must gather the required ingredients, objects, or tools to bring their wish to fruition, which is no small feat. Interestingly, some individuals who have experienced the power of rituals have created books for others to follow, sharing their knowledge and expertise in the art of ritualistic practice.


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