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The frozen wasteland is home to countless factions, each with their own unique approach to governance and manipulation. Some are benevolent, offering aid to those in need, while others revel in the suffering of their victims. Most, however, are indifferent, focused solely on their own survival in this unforgiving realm. But there are those few, those powerful organizations whose very name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it. Through their propaganda, their tales of terror, and their unyielding might, they have carved out a place for themselves in this desolate world, and woe to any who dare to cross them.   During the brink of humanity's near-extinction, a figure emerged that struck fear and wonder in the hearts of those who witnessed its arrival. This being, known as "The Alien," was said to have benevolently landed on Earth to save humanity from a never-ending blizzard-induced wasteland. However, conflicting reports describe the creature in vastly different ways.   This extraterrestrial being, though the subject of several conjectures, is widely regarded as the savior and champion of humanity. Its intervention prevented the imminent annihilation of Earth and its inhabitants. Strangely, this entity has been deified by some, who venerate it as a guardian angel that has bestowed its knowledge upon humans. It is even considered by a few to be the reincarnation of the messiah, much to the bewilderment and incredulity of the masses.   Some claim it to be an angelic being, while others assert that it had a more sinister motive, one that involved corrupting humans through a devilish plan. Regardless of the truth, the mere mention of "The Alien" sends chills down the spines of those who dare speak its name.   This extraterrestrial being, though the subject of several conjectures, is widely regarded as the savior and champion of humanity. Its intervention prevented the imminent annihilation of Earth and its inhabitants. Strangely, this entity has been deified by some, who venerate it as a guardian angel that has bestowed its knowledge upon humans. It is even considered by a few to be the reincarnation of the messiah, much to the bewilderment and incredulity of the masses.  

Order of Solomon

  With an air of regal pride, the Templars boast of their ancient lineage and their unwavering faith in God's righteous judgment. Their fierce determination to bring order and law to the frigid wasteland is matched only by their zeal to punish the wicked. But their initial altruistic motives have long since given way to the corrupting influence of human greed and ambition. Now, these once noble warriors have devolved into nothing more than merciless thugs, terrorizing the innocent with impunity.   This organization emerged from the shadows of a frozen wasteland, a small group that grew into a functioning terror. Their preference for close quarters combat with melee weapons is matched only by their ruthless upgrades with cybernetic enhancements or implants. Their sheer determination and unwavering belief in their organization is suffocating, leaving most people paralyzed with fear as they are forced to reckon with this monstrous entity.   Their facade as virtuous knights, protecting the innocent and vanquishing the wicked, is a complete sham. They are nothing but tyrants, fanatically hostile towards any non-human beings, whom they view as abominations shunned from God's light. Even mutants and psykers are not spared, deemed perverted versions of the pure human form. The mere presence of these self-righteous bigots is enough to send shivers down one's spine, as their twisted beliefs threaten the fragile existence of all non-human life forms.   Despite their disdain for anything non-human, they paradoxically show a deep reverence for "The Alien," a being that aided humanity. However, most of their ilk refuse to acknowledge the alien as anything other than an angel in disguise, sent by a god to fulfill a divine purpose.   This contradiction, this willingness to embrace the unknown while rejecting it at the same time, speaks to the fragile nature of humanity's existence. For what is the fate of a species that cannot even comprehend the complexities of the universe it inhabits, let alone its own place within it? It is a fate that is both terrifying and inevitable, a fate that we must all confront sooner or later.  


  The Illuminati's ancient roots have sprouted a growing empire amidst a world of never-ending blizzards. Composed of government officials and powerful corporation individuals, they hold science and technology in the highest regard, deeming them superior to anything in the universe.   They worship reason and the advancement of their species, but despise any form of supernatural or deity, viewing them as nothing more than malevolent predators of the weak. Their reign is a dark shadow cast over the fragile existence of humanity.   Though they are often maligned as godless and profit-driven, these individuals possess a chilling knowledge of the supernatural that defies scientific explanation and transcends mere magic. They understand that the interests and well-being of non-human entities must be reckoned with, for in the precarious existence of humanity, such alliances may prove the difference between survival and utter annihilation.   Despite their neutral and friendly facade towards mutants and psykers, the Illuminati have a deep, dark secret that they keep hidden from the public eye. They have been known to abduct the most vulnerable and innocent individuals, subjecting them to cruel and inhumane experiments without any regard for their well-being.   These hapless victims are often reduced to nothing more than mere guinea pigs, their lives and dignity stripped away in the name of so-called scientific progress. And if the Illuminati sees no use for their captives, they will not hesitate to brainwash them into becoming loyal servants of their organization, forever trapped in a living nightmare.   The organization functions as a mercenary company, providing protection services for personal assets or individuals for a fee. However, beneath the surface lurks a group of avaricious corporate entities, whose soldiers and mercenaries can be temporarily rented for a mere thousand dollars. Their mercenary ranks are filled with ruthless individuals, ready to do whatever it takes to complete their mission, regardless of the consequences. The very existence of such an organization is a testament to the fragile state of humanity, where even the most basic principles of morality and ethics can be corrupted for a price.  


  The Minutemen, a race of humanoid extraterrestrials from the Andromeda galaxy, are shrouded in an aura of mystery and fear. Their peaceful demeanor and generous nature belie their advanced technology and authoritative power. Mistaken for mutants by the uninitiated, their true nature remains a secret until one dares to inquire. But beware, for the answer may lead to a horrifying realization of the fragile existence of humanity in a universe teeming with unimaginable creatures beyond our comprehension.   The extraterrestrial beings, despite their advanced technology, are a far cry from the very notion. They communicate through a grotesque, guttural gurgle, forcing the minutemen to resort to crude means such as hand gestures or writing. These asexual creatures lay dark eggs, adorned with sinister red veins, which grow to human size until the shell is finally shattered, birthing a full-grown adult. Their existence is fragile and unnerving, shrouded in an eerie and macabre aura that sends shivers down one's spine.   The Minutemen descended upon Earth with a catastrophic crash, their colony ship malfunctioning and resulting in the loss of many lives. The survivors, forced to adapt to their new home, used their advanced technology to construct sprawling cities and create mechanical monstrosities. Desperate for resources, they scoured Earth for materials, even resorting to stealing the blueprints for deadly weapons. Yet, their inability to repair their damaged spacecrafts left them stranded on this alien world, forever haunting the planet with their fragile existence.   Their actions and agenda became clear after being known among the frozen wasteland; rebuilt civilization for the greater good of all and bring order into earth. However, while proclaimed to be peaceful alien race, if their peaceful overtures are refused, they well just conquer them while searing the flesh from the bones of anyone who stands against their benign intentions.  


  These are cannibalistic savages, nomadic mutants who live in faraway places, shunned by their families and society altogether. They embrace the monstrous nature of their existence, bearing traits of bestial appearance and displaying primitive intelligence due to the neglect of their mental health. Their reliance on primitive melee weapons is nearly absolute. Although rare, some mutants possess intelligence enough to speak and act rationally. A horrifying existence, indeed.   These mutant humans are a violent and war-like species, preying upon any human they encounter with a willingness to commit senseless bloodshed. They view humans as evil beings who have betrayed them simply because of their existence, while simultaneously envying the lives that these humans have. The fragility of humanity is revealed in the face of such merciless and barbaric beings, who seek to destroy us without remorse or reason.   Amidst the chaos and destruction, a few mutants recognize the valor of those who dare to fight back in a fair and square duel, deeming them to be a rare breed of humanity. These mutants, who bear uncanny resemblances to animals, harbor an unusual sympathy towards their fellow creatures, often opting to devour human flesh over that of animals.   While it is rare, certain mutant groups may even consider forming an alliance with a group of humans, provided certain unknown conditions are met. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of these beasts harbor an intense hostility towards humans, preferring to kill rather than engage in rational discourse, fuelled by their insatiable thirst for vengeance.  

The Serpentine Cult

  The Serpentine Cult is a clandestine militant organization that worships the devil himself, known for their unfathomable danger to the uninitiated. Their members are nihilistic individuals who harbor no qualms about sacrificing their lives to achieve their goals, honing their skills and strength through ceaseless training. More disturbingly, they are deeply entrenched in the practice of flesh sculpting and the performance of forbidden rituals, the very thought of which sends shivers down the spine of the bravest of souls.   The cultists are a motley collection of outcasts and mutants, shunned by society and deprived of the basic human needs of affection, redemption, and love. Driven by a boundless hatred of civilization and authority, they revel in committing atrocities against the innocent. They kidnap and enslave their victims to be brainwashed or violated, or worse, subject them to cruel and barbaric sacrifices that defy comprehension. This macabre cult is the stuff of nightmares, a grotesque reminder of the fragile existence of humanity.   The cult displays a twisted sense of mercy, offering a path of salvation only to those who have been abused or mutated. Those who decline their offer are doomed to a swift and brutal end. Yet, despite their macabre practices, the cultists exhibit an eerie familial bond, treating each other with an unnatural level of kindness and care. It is a disturbing paradox, one that speaks to the fragile existence of humanity itself.   The insidious cult operates in the shadows, their elusive nature making them a formidable foe. Their malevolent actions include brutal raids on small settlements and villages, where they mercilessly slaughter defenseless people and inflict unspeakable atrocities in the name of their dark lord. Hunting them down is a treacherous task, fraught with danger and uncertainty. The very existence of such a depraved organization is a chilling reminder of the fragility of humanity in the face of evil.


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