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Project Daedalus

~2100 CE

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A near(ish)-future hard sci-fi   To die is human. It is part of the experience of all humans, no matter what race, religion, or nationality, to confront our own mortality. So what does that make those who transcend our biological and Hayflick limits? Immortal? Godly? Xian? Sinners?   To deal with the ever increasing population of Earth, many choose or are forced into space colonisation missions. The riches of the solar system make their way back to Earth and its immortal ruling class. Wealth inequality is greater than can be imagined and those who try to even the table often shorten their already meagre lifespans.   ________     Copyright 2017 Friday Knight (pseudonym). This Copyright falls under UK and international jurisdiction. All rights reserved. This work of art or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher (Friday Knight), except for non-commercial personal use. This is a fictional work, any reference to living persons and events is intended as a work of art and without malicious intent. This work contains material edited from publically-available reference sources under creative commons licensing, such as Wikipedia. CC BY-NC-SA.   As far as I am knowledgeable and able, I have ensured that all images are either publically available under CC licensing with modification or of my own making.  

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