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Compendium of Avonya and Calysa

The Compendium of Avonya and Calysa is one of the most distributed books in history. Everyone heard atleast one of her collected stories while any scholar holded a copy of the book in their hands. It was published by Larana Cayrakus in 1274.


Cyrakus wanted to collect many tales as possible and spread them across the republic. Moreover she tried to find rolemodels for children, especially young girls. In her opinion the most spreaded stories were about man. She also wanted to create a better comprehension for fairy tales.

Document Structure


The compendium is seperated in two categories - Avonya (supernatural) and Calysa (mundane). Furthermore the stories are devided in different chapters.
For example the section about Avonya has a chapter called "Tales and myths about the woods beyond death". This part is only about the afterworld.


Since it is a collection of stories, Cyrakus tried to mention every source even it was only an old granny who told her a tale. Moreover, she acknowledged her mother as the main origin.
Her mother, Helena Cyrakus, knew about her daughters fascination so she persuaded every patient she had to tell a story which she would write down for Larana. On her fourteens birthday Helena gifted the collection to her daughter. The Compendium of Avonya and Calysa had been born.

Publication Status

The book has been published in 1270. Larana Cyrakus tome spread like a wildfire since then. Frankly there is a copy in every library and more in the rooms of children.

Historical Details


Already at young age Cyrakus had been fascinated to hear heroic stories about knights, mythical creatures like dragons and haunted treasures. But one thing was a thorn in her side at the age of four - Most of the stories were about males.
Laranas father tried to appease by searching for new stories. With each other, her desire for more grew. She wanted to be brave as Monica or strong as Valya Moya. She wanted to be part of Pryza, a coven of sharp minded witches and fighting like archs sisters, a exclusively female unit consisting of mounted archers.
When she turned fourteen her mother gave her collection only consisting out of stories about keen women and mystical creatures.

Public Reaction

Even Cyrakus was surprised by the extremely positive reaction of the public. Especially children started to get excited when they could listen to one of her stories.
Nethertheless there were some criticals who feared a change in the society since Larana had writen down many stories about female protagonists. They thought women would now demand more rights and equality. Well, they were not wrong.


Cyrakus work changed the society´s perspective. Especially the one from women. Through the stories they wound inspiration and courage to demand more rights.

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Authoring Date

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