Seruteii Ersiileii

Be it for its medicinal properties, it'll serve you well. Need a natural pain killer, look no further.   Be it for its relaxing effects, it'll serve you well. Need a good nights rest with the sweetest of dreams, look no further.   Be it for stimulating your nose when you walk into your home, it'll serve you well. Need something that smells exotic, even in Infernus, look no further.   Be it for presenting your lover on this special night, when the lights of the moon fade to black, it'll serve you well. Need something to tell that special someone that even in darkness, you find wonders, look no further.  
- A shopkeeper attempting to sell a Lunar Radiator

Many flora are unique to Infernus. Among them, emitting its radiance for all to see on a clear night under a full moon, is Seruteii Ersiileii, the Lunar Radiator. Found only in Vaankanshir Domain, the flower is highly prized by both devils and vampires for its medicinal qualities as well as its cultural significance.

A Beacon in a Garden

At first sight, a Lunar Radiator may seem no more than a typical flower found in the Vaankanshir Domain, a typical flower of five petals gently swaying as the wind blows from the Ke'huniil Sea. However, on the darkest of nights, the Lunar Radiator becomes a beacon. A wonder in the darkness.
  The light purplish light emitted from the lunar radiator is known to most across the Realm and all in the Vaankanshir Domain. Among the flora found in the Plane, it's the only one that is naturally bioluminescent. There are, however, certain conditions for the flower to emit its light. First and foremost, the flower only emits light in the darkness. The second is that the flower must have been exposed to moonlight for it to emit its light. Third and finally, sunlight kills the flower's ability to emit light.   Unfortunately for most of Infernus, the lunar radiator is incapable of growing anywhere else but Vaankanshir Domain. If exposed to sunlight for too long, the flower will die. To this day, this occurrence has stumped botanists. Current theories suggest that phenomenon has nothing to do with the flower's biology. Rather, it has a DNA structure similar to that of the vampires found in Vaankanshir Domain.

As Flower and Herb

Lunar radiators have a multitude of beneficial uses ranging from medicinal to aromatics. The most commonly used parts of the flower in herbalism are its petals, roots, and stamen.

A Natural Painkiller

The petals of a lunar radiator are famous not just for their emitted light but also for their natural ability to act as painkillers. Of course, the petals themselves do not relieve pain, but when transformed properly in a lab, the result is a painkiller that is just as effective as an opiate found the Mortal Plane. A bonus is the resulting painkiller has a very low chance of addiction.

Unfortunately, as lunar radiators are only found in Vaankanshir Domain, the medicine is difficult to come by outside it. Even then, it's been monopolized by the vampires and their businesses, leading to a constant price gouge. But the enthusiasm for the flower tells that buyers are more than willing to buy.

Breath of Fresh Chilled Air

The stamen of a lunar radiator is well known for its ability to produce a cooling effect when consumed. When eaten raw, although disgusting and bitter, a cooling effect similar to mint is produced. However, the cooling effect produced by a lunar radiator is real and not illusory like that of mint.

Although not used for medicinal or culinary purposes, a lunar radiator's stamen is often consumed recreationally by those able to get their hands on one. However, to get the desired cooling effect, the flower must be freshly picked and no older than a day old if picked. Killing a wonder may seem cruel, but to those who don't mind, the chill it leaves in one's mouth is said to be colder than a vampire's kiss.


The roots of a lunar radiator are popular among devils in the Realm that have sleep troubles. Bitter and arguably worse tasting than its stamen, the lunar radiator's roots have a powerful but non-dangerous sedative effect on a devil's body. Research on the roots has shown that they act as a depressant on devils' central nervous systems.
  Also, the roots have been proven to significantly lower stress. In combination with its ability to calm the nerves, many devils report that they have better dreams. Those who suffer from constant night terrors report they end shortly after constant consumption of the roots.

An Exotic Aroma

Not everyone uses the lunar radiator for bodily benefit. In fact, more than half of lunar radiator owners reported they actually use the flower for its aroma. When picked, the flower usually lives no longer than two weeks. However, upon being picked, the flower begins to emit an aroma. The longer the flower has been picked, the stronger the aroma.
  This aroma emitted by a lunar radiator is sweet and spicy and often described as being sensual. As tempting as it is lean and smell its aroma, it's not uncommon for the flower to leave one feeling giddy. Popular among females, the lunar radiator is often gifted by males, even outside the Eclipse Festival.
Seruteii Ersiileii Placeholder Image by bnichs
8 Days - 2 Years
Average Height
8 inches

Seruteii Ersiileii written in Yolniir Inlazankel by bnichs

An Envy In Other Planes

Many other beings from many other planes have attempted to get their hands on the lunar radiator. Vampires and devils hold the flower with great pride and wouldn't dare give something as such to another plane. Thus, lunar radiators are only given to devils and vampires.   Indeed, such other beings, especially the angels of Paradiso, have attempted numerous times to smuggle the flower outside of Infernus. Unfortunately for them, the lunar radiator wishes to remain in Infernus; its light and aroma dead giveaways to anyone nearby that the plant is in a smuggler's inventory.   And for those who do manage to get the flower out of Infernus, are left with disappointment when they find the flower cannot survive outside Vaankanshir Domain, let alone Infernus.

Eclipse and a Wonder in the Dark

As famous for its various beneficial properties, Seruteii Ersiileii is most famous for its cultural value among vampires in Vaankanshir Domain. When the family of Amudrag first arrived in Infernus, they arrived on a lonely island with no more than the clothes they wore and an odd flower never before seen in the Realm. Upon their arrival, the family found themselves burning under the effects of the Infernal Sun. The family found solace in the night, but even the night had to end. To remedy this, the First Vampire, Lord Amudrag I performed a powerful spell that plunged the lonely island into near-perpetual nightfall. However, upon doing so, Lord Amudrag I lost his life.   Shortly after the First Vampire's passing, the First Eclipse occurred. Never before in Infernus had it happened, a perfect solar eclipse shrouded the lonely island in absolute darkness. And in that darkness, the odd flower brought with the Amudrag family lit up.
Lord Amundrag's lover claimed it was it his soul that found its way into the flower.   His son claimed it was a byproduct of his father's magic.   His daughter claimed it was the moon, weeping in darkness, it's only light able to find itself a flower which now seemed to weep.   Whatever it was, the three were in agreement. The flower, now alit, was truly a wonder in the darkness. For all their lives, they had been led to believe that in only in darkness could terrors be found.  
The First Eclipse
Upon passing the First Eclipse, it was decided that where the lunar radiator would be when it lit up again would be where the Amudrag family would start building their new home. The Amudrag Palace, where the lunar radiator lit up once again, the capital building of the Vaankanshir Domain, is where the Amudrag family resides to this day.   In present days, the Amudrag family and the lunar radiator's story has led to an event called the Eclipse Festival (or Festival of the Eclipse). Every 3 years, sometime during Nii'renzaal, a perfect solar eclipse occurs. On the day of the Eclipse, massive festivities are held in Vaankanshir Domain. During the festival, lunar radiators are, quite literally, everywhere. They can be found alongside buildings, on the street, and even in festival participants' hair. When the time comes for the eclipse, when all of Vaankanshir goes into perfect darkness, the lunar radiators across the lonely island all light up the darkness. And for a few minutes, the lonely island becomes a sea of light.


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