Kaz'miir Iinai'nai Mid-Summer Festival

Man, you ain't lived 'till you've been on 6th East during the festival. The smell man, the damn smell of just about every food from the entire Realm on one street...it's so damned intoxicating. And don't even get me started on the booze.  
- Mikiin "Mickii" Servos


In the mortal year 1952, world-renowned chef Furmiil Iinai'nai decided to hold the first tournament of chefs in the city of Kaz'miir in the Mal'tas Domain on the first Tal'pashiir of Enkaz'renzaal. Although small, the tournament drew a crowd of multiple other renowned chefs. The competition was held only for a single day, lasting a total of seven hours. The competition, despite its small size, managed to draw a crowd of 874 devils and the local press. After the tournament was finished, the most commonly asked question to the chefs by both locals and the news was if or when the competition would occur again.   After two years, Fur'miil decided to hold another tournament, this time, however, giving a three months notice to any other chefs wanting to enter the competition. The tournament was once again held in Kaz'miir. This time, the tournament attracted more than 100 master chefs from Infernus. With the word spread across the city, a total of 3,874 devils attended the tournament. Once more, after the tournament was over, Fur'miil was asked once more the question of when the tournament was coming back. But this time he had an answer then and there: in another two years, and that aside from the master chef's competition, that there would also be a tournament for anyone else.   For the next two years, the word of the tournament spread faster than ever, many people even booking flights and ships to Kaz'miir. The time came for the competition to begin again, and it's estimated that more than 15,000 devils attended. That day, however, the tournament was different. Before the tournament started, many devils took the opportunity to showcase their cultures. Many others from other Zan'niil or even overseas brought foreign alcohol. Others also showcased the arts while some showcased music from foreign lands.   The day was such a success that the city decided to hold the event again on their own accord. On the first Tal'Pashiir of Enkaz'renzaal of the mortal year 1958, the first official Kaz'miir Mid-Summer Festival occurred. The festival was slightly different, happening over two days instead of one. In the mortal year 1978, the festival changed to occur over three days, and in 2002 to 5 days.   After the death of Fur'miil Inaii'nai in the mortal year 1996, the festival's name officially changed to the Kaz'miir Iinai'nai Mid-Summer Festival in honor of the master chef.

Evolution & Events

The Infernus Master Chef's Competition

In the mortal year 1978, the local chef's competition was discontinued and replaced with The Interrealms Cook-Off. Fur'miil's first competition between master chefs remained, continuing to be the main event into the present day. The same year, the tournament was also officially coined as The Infernus Master Chef's Competition. In the present day, the event is a tournament of 500 world-renowned chefs in Infernus, all vying for the title of Infernus's Number 1 Master Chef over all five days of the festival.   The event in the mortal year 1986 moved to the Pashniir Cellular Center in Kaz'miir's Vik'nalza District. The competition alone brings in over 3 million attendees.

The Interrealms Cook-Off

Until the mortal year 1978, the festival happened over two days. That year, the festival changed to happening over three days, as the demand for a new official event to be added was high. The festival officially added the Interrealm Cook-Off, which initially began as a two-day event on Tal'pashnu and Zin'zanav. In the mortal year 2002, the Internrealms Cook-off changed to take place on the last three days of the festival. The cook-off takes place at Shur'niilmul Park in Kaz'miir's Vik'nalza District.   The cook-off, however, is a not real cook-off in the sense that it's not a competition. Instead, it's a mass gathering of licensed chefs and brewers who just want to showcase their food or alcohol. During the event, anyone permitted to can also play live music at the various stages found within the park.   The cook-off brings in 400,000 people.

Tariin'kal kii Kaz'miir

The festival would grow so big, that in the mortal year 1990, so many people attended that Shur'niilmul Park couldn't the number of attendees. During this time, there was a wave of many young people adopting the idea of living life to its fullest. Many also believed that indulging in food was one way of living life to its fullest. After the year's edition of the festival, and in the 1992 edition, the festival alongside the city of Kaz'miir decided to allow anyone to take the streets as a way of participating in the festival.   As the cook-off and the tournament are taking place, many other festival participants are at other sites. Commonly found, especially amongst the younger population, are Tariin'kal kii Kaz'miir or The Street Festivals of Kaz'miir.   On the streets within the Vik'nalza District during the festival are hundreds of thousands of people, walking the streets, exploring the thousands of attractions brought in by those attending. Many have dubbed this happening as "one of the biggest cultural mixes," as there are many who bring with them exhibits of their home cultural music and arts.   Perhaps the most important aspect of the street festivals is the local food trucks. Kaz'miir home to one the largest number of food trucks, having more than 500 food trucks in operation at any given time during the festival.   Unlike the cook-off, the street festivals occur over the entirety of the festival and frequently spill into the after-hours. Although no one counts, it's estimated that over 2.4 million people take to the streets to participate in the festival.
Festival Location - Vik'nalza District of Kaz'miir within Mal'tas Domain of the Zan'nil kii Ka'ulin   Festival Date - 1st Tal'pashiir to 1st Atavii'nu of Enkaz'renzaal, every 2 years
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