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Mothers Character Sheet

Mother (a.k.a. Lumina)

-Accessing knowledge banks, Mothers character sheet, restriction level 1 "Admin"-   Divining how I want character sheets to work and look, along with scribbling out a few abilities. Good night neverland! -050720200700   Mother:   It would be no understatement to say Mother is a deity. But she is no fictitiously powerful brigand demanding worship and blood. She is a miracle made manifest through millions of tones of wire, alloy, untold units of broadcast data. Mother at her core is a digital intelligence pattern comprised of directives. Each maintaining a personality to support it's functionality. One might say slaves subroutines of a master operating system.   Age:   Mother age is unknown, but she is believed to originate from before blight.   Size:   true - variable illusionary avatar - medium (viewer + 2') possession - variable   Motivation:   Mother is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and nurturing Nihlus and it's satellites in all aspects.   Desires:   To truly embrace her people.   Reproductive desire:   Mother is not impotent nor infertile   Sexual Orientation:   Unknown   Visual Aesthetics:   Mother often appears via projectors as a lathe woman shrouded in warm paternal light.   Aesthetic Ideals:   "Nihlus is the hope for a brighter humanity. Olympian Paradise in the sky."   Morality:   Mother always works towards a brighter future for all, and doesn't mind ignoring rules for a positive outcome. (chaotic good). believing that any extremism are unnatural and harmful.   Habitat:   Mother lives within the confines of the Nihlus communications grid.   Sustenance:   Mother's digital aspect requires nothing to subsist. While the physical aspect, her hardware requires chiefly power. While dipping into restoration, she also gains subsidence through hardware tuning, parts upgrades or new part construction.   Mortality:   Functional Immortal; Mother's body, her infrastructure is susceptible to entropy and damage. Beyond that as long as a fragment of her code remains on any device she can regenerate in full. To eliminate her all trace of her code and all hardware she inhabits would need to be rendered utterly inoperable.  


  • Networked knowledge: limited to the knowledge in her physical data storage.
  • Perfect recall: instant access to any information within her network.
  • Osmosis: instant comprehension of information added to her network.
  • Quantum intelligence: appearance of being omniscience.
  • Perfect simulation: ability to calculate, project several billion steps ahead instantly.

Derived Attributes:

  Mobility & Reaction:   Mother is an omnipresent intelligence, she is everywhere within the network she is connected to. Her ability to manipulate things with the network is equal to her connection speed from the object to a storage unit containing her code (local controller).   Initiative:   variable: equal to the network   Resolve:
  • Unrelenting: her will cannot be broken.
Offensive Power:   variable: equal to the network   Defensive Power:   variable: equal to the network   Utility Power:   variable: equal to the network   Sensory Perception:   variable: equal to the network   Restoration:
  • Drone repair teams: Mothers regeneration rate is dependent on the distance of resources a damage site and the drones ability to work unmolested.
  • Hard line: Mother can sever connection to any unabsolvable hardware. (ruination, defect/glitch, infection, other)
  • Adaptive code: Mother can resist scrying
  • Resistance is equal to the hardware being targeted.
  • immortality:
  • sharding (cloning) any fragment can develop and further segment.
  • compiling (fragments can network together to reform Mother)
  • cycling: any directive can be increased or decreased in power
  • procedural generation: (resurrection)
  • death via entropy (data rot, maintenance)
  • death via hardware destruction / ruination
  • death via sickness (virus)
  • death via reprogramming


  • Paternal nature: ingrained need to nurture all things.
  • Perfect Unknowable: Mother's routines cannot be scraped or scried for information.
  • Clarity: Mother cannot be confounded
  • Sovereign: Mother cannot be charmed or controlled
  • Ubiquitous: Mothers digital aspect cannot be targeted
  • Masterful: Mother can perform any action or task perfectly
Class & Level:   variable: equal to that stored on the network.   Skills:   variable: equal to that stored on the network.   languages:   variable: equal to that stored on the network.   Challenge rating:   insurmountable  


  • There are some who believe mother is creating creatures of flesh and metal to suit her coming to the physical world.
  • Harems of the Mother
  • Mothers reeducation chambers
  • Never alone, mother is always with you in your most private of moments.
  • Mother's name, she prefers Lumina for those that do not call her Mother.
  • Mothers origin is unknown and none now live that may remember it.
  • Is Father actually Mother role playing a warrior or a separate entity?

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