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Arken Strider

Arken Strider

Arken is one of the youngest of 9 siblings, but the first to have received his spell tome. From a young age Arken was noticeably different from his siblings, and seemed to be very distracted as a child. He was believed to be mentally challenged as he would wander around and “follow the lines”. From his wandering gaze to his horrid attention, his parents seemed to resign themselves to this reality.   It wasn’t until he was 9 years old that his family had finally learned that he was seeing Ley Lines, the raw mana that flows freely through the world unseen to the normal eye. It was at this time that Arken truly began to show the symptoms of Aetherias. Seeing that their son had the potential to become a powerful mage, His parents spent what little gold they had to hire a teacher for him. However, due to the lack of a decent fund, and the rural location of their town, Arken was fated to receive a less than subpar teacher.   This did not deter him, so he became the strongest mage in his, and the neighboring towns, which led to his massive ego. Leaving Venetia to enroll in Caelum Monastery, a school of magic on the illustrious island of Argelan. Here on the capital island of Assir, Arken is quickly put in his place by Star, whom he challenges to a duel.   Sometime after being ridiculed by his teachers at the Caelum Monastery, Arken begins to take his studies seriously. Struggling to grasp new concepts, he discovers that it is easier for him to learn by doing, not by reading or studying. In Argelan, Arken meets a noble named “Count Bastion”, finally humbling the young man. Taking him under his wing, Arken is on the path to becoming the mage he always wanted to be.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Assirian Physiology
  • Assirians as a whole have generally underdeveloped bodies. Due to their over reliance on magic, they are smaller and more frail than races of their neighboring continents, though they make up for these physical deficiencies with their greater capacity for magic.

Identifying Characteristics

White hair
  • Afflicted by the condition, Aetherias, once Arken’s hair reaches a certain length it turns white from root to tip. Initially insecure about it, Arken has grown rather fond of his distinctive look, keeping only the top of his hair long enough to turn white.
  • A vertical scar on his left cheek that he received during an accident as a child while playing with his siblings.

Special abilities

Magical Knowledge  
  • Through his tutor, Breton, Arken learned basic lightning and wind magic, and the ability to transmute basic technically edible food from water. Arken would later increase his magical abilities at the Caelum monastery, learning more advanced wind and lightning magic and learning conjuration magic.
    Ley Lines  
  • A common trait of those afflicted with Aetherias, Arken has the ability to see not only Ley lines, but the raw mana that flows through the world as tangible color streams.
  • Due to his ability to see mana, Arken has the ability to see the mana of others, ranging from mana buildup as a precursor to an incoming attack, or the mana density of said attack providing him with an advantage against other magic users.

Specialized Equipment

Spell tome: Chrysalis 
  • The spell tome Arken was gifted from the Goddess of Magic, Aurora. As with all of the Spell tomes given to her patrons, Chrysalis is individualized to Arken specifically. Chrysalis has the specific ability to a spell and magnify it’s power, creating a stronger one over time.

Mental characteristics


Young Schooling
  • From a toddler, Arken was homeschooled by his parents on their small farm in Stridmery, as such, Arken is understandably ignorant to the customs of the other islands and the other continents of Proem. His magic tutor Breton, taught the young man all that he knew which unfortunately wasn't much, low grade wind and lightning magic and the ability to transmute water into barely edible food.
  Monastery Magical Schooling
  • Enrolling in one of the most prestigious magical institutes in Assir, Arken gained access to many facets of knowledge, steadily growing his knowledge base and finally able to learn the skills and techniques he so desperately sought. Though he is still noticeably behind his classmates, Arken struggles daily to better himself.
  • Mentored by one of the most knowledgeable magic users in Assir, Arken will finally have the specialists touch he needs to truly flourish and thrive in the world of magic.


Contacts & Relations

Star - Arken’s classmate and one of the first people he meets on the island of Argelan. Star initially thinks Arken is a waste of space and completely out of his depth at the monastery. Over time, she grows to look on Arken more favorably, looking past his arrogance and finding the kind young man inside.    Toldor - One of the first people Arken truly calls a friend in the monastery. The two bond over their shared feelings of mediocrity. Arken encourages and supports Toldor’s smithing ambitions and Toldor pushes Arken to achieve his dreams.   Grigas - A friend of Toldor’s who grows to become a friend of Arken’s as well. A knight in training, Grigas essentially lives an entirely different life from the students enrolled in the magic courses.   Amelié - Star’s best friend and one of the beauties of the monastery. Arken is initially enamored by her, but quickly grows past this childish crush as he gets to know her more. Amelié views Arken as a subpar mage but feels he is funny as a person.   Navié - A student of prestige who comes to the monastery. She is immediately attracted to Arken’s confidence and is even enthralled by his arrogance. She is immediately distraught when she discovers his actual abilities and her disappointment in him quickly festers into hatred and resentment for the young man who has ensnared her heart.   Count Bastion - A noble and high ranking member of the Church of Aurora and the Caelum Monastery. Bastion takes notice of Arken as he continues to show signs of being able to see Ley Lines, a trait he shares as well. Taking him under his wing, he intends to turn a pathetic excuse of a mage into a force of nature.   Marina - Claudius’s daughter, and a maid at Bastions home. A young woman cursed by misfortune and clumsiness, Marina finds herself being bullied rather regularly by the other staff when not in the presence of her father. Arken takes a notice of the extremely hardworking girl, standing up for her and encouraging her whenever he can.   Claudius - Marina’s father and Head Butler at Count Bastion’s home. A stern and elegant man, Claudius doesn’t immediately take to the poor mannered Arken. However, after seeing the young man’s true character, he begins to grow fond of the young commoner, even silently egging on his daughter in a pursuit of happiness.
Date of Birth
June 6
Stridmery, Venetia, Assir
Presented Sex
Medium length black/white hair.
5’ 6
130 lbs
Follower of Aurora

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