House Vastrye

House Vastrye is one of Mundus Vetus prominent families who survived The Asti Civil War and The Shattering. Being the ruling family of the now Vastrye Principality that once began as a royal bastard with a dream.



  House Vastrye began with a love that shouldn't have been. The love of a prince and a lowly commoner woman, that bloomed into one of the most ambitious houses that ever lived. This love spawned a child named Nonus Dor. Nonus was born in the year 2334 BTS in the City of Dor, the Ancient Capital of the Dorman Principality that was destroyed by The Shattering. Nonus being a bastard was shunned for the majority of his life until he shown sign of a Death Essencer.  

Nonus' Life

  Once he became a proper trained Essencer, Nonus was enlisted into the Dorman Military as a General at the age of 22. Little did he know that at the age of 25, one of the largest war known in the ancients lands would happen. Joining his Father's side for independence for the Dorman Principality to avoid all the chaos on the mainlands. Winning glory and famous has earned him a spot by his father's grace of being legitimized at the age of 28 as a Dorman. Nonus refused his father's family and decided to take up his own last name of Vastrye. Leaving the military at the age of 29 and setup up a villa in the small town of Pirn where we lived out the rest of his life avoiding the Civil War.  

Pirn's Influence

  After the Death of Nonus, his firstborn son Polus, inherited the villa in Pirn and evolved it into a trade empire. Starting with simple trade of weapons that led into building a defense fleet for the cargo. This defense fleet then became an armada worth fearing. They started blocking trade routes and other navies from passing. The main passage blocked was the ocean route between the isle and the mainland cause an influx of coin for the family. The Blockades guaranteed that the family would get access to the best goods first and at lower prices as bribes. This created a boom for the Vastrye's family in magical gems and weapons. This boom made the city of Pirn, now named Vass after the Vastrye family. It became a great trade capital for access between the jewels of Dorma, The Essencer Council of Dor and the mainland.  

Dorman Independance

  After the fall of the Asti Empire Capital during the Civil War, all major Princes and Dukes were granted independence for they did not want to bow in allegiance to the bastard cadet dynasty of Astor. The Vastrye family became a subject under the Dorman Principality and were granted control of the Isle of Acra for their efforts during the War and for being of close family ties.  

The Shattering

  During the beginning of the Shattering, the Vastrye Family grieved the loss of the Principal House of Dorman. Patriarch Jolus the II Vastrye decided to blockade their ports against refugees to avoid a loss in profits. Destroying many ships trying to flee and arrive at the continent of Dorma gained the family a notorious reputation as heartless and cruel. The Family was only after one thing, control of The Shatter. They raided coastal areas and trade routes along The Shatter in hopes of establishing dominance, but the rogue water near the area was too hazardous to their navy.  

7 Years Of Horror

  After one year of raiding and attempting dominance, they retreated to hold their Isle of Acra for other noble families tried to take power while they were distracted. They fought for 5 years against the local nobles but emerged victorious for the populace had great loyalty towards them, for they had the only remnants of royal Dorman blood. The remaining 2 years of horror were fought against the new Oplus Principality and the Floesian Anarchy who tried to destroy them. The conflicts never reached land for they could never pass the navy, but the Vastrye could never do an offensive attack for they more focused on naval and neglected having armies.  


  This Stalemate lasted till the year of 2850 when the Shattering closed. They lost all purpose for this conflict and were never gaining ground. They decided that peace was the best way to move forward, for others were eyeing the resources around The Shatter.  

Present Day

  The Vastrye family is currently led by Patriarch Tullus Vastrye and is in a fragile peace with the Oplus Family and the Floesian Anarchy as trade partners.


The Principality of Vastrye

We Bridge The Way.

Founding Date
2334 BTS
Political, Family

Vastrye Bloodline

by Vaspyr

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  • 2334

    Birth of Nonus Dor
    Life, Birth

    A Bastard child is born to the Dorman Prince and a Lowly Commoner Woman.

  • 2349

    Essencer Training
    Life, Education

    Nonus shows potential as a Death Essencer and gets sent off for training with the Council.

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  • 2356

    General Nonus
    Life, Organisation Association

    After his training as a Death Essencer, Nonus enlisted in the Dorman Military. He was made a General because of his social status.

  • 2359


    The Asti Civil War
    Military action

    Nonus joins his Father's side in Dorman independence during The Asti Civil War.

  • 2362

    Legitimization of Nonus
    Life, Relationship change

    Bringing fame and glory in the war, his Father decided to legitimize Nonus as a Dorman.

  • 2363

    Acquiring Property
    Life, Relocation

    Nonus Acquires a Villa in the City of Pirn

  • 2363

    Creation of Cadet Dynasty

    Nonus declares himself a Vastrye instead of a Dorman, Creating his own Dynasty.

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    House Vastrye
  • 2363

    Nonus Retires
    Life, Career

    Nonus leaves the Dorman Military after declaring himself a Vastrye.

  • 2364

    Nonus's Marriage

  • 2367

    Birth of Polus Vastrye
    Life, Birth

  • 2388

    Death of Nonus Vastrye
    Life, Death

  • 2388

    Financial Event

    Firstborn Polus inherits Nonus's wealth and Villa in Pirn.

  • 2390

    Starting of a Trade Empire

  • 2432

    City of Vass
    Geological / environmental event

    The City of Pirn is Renamed after the Vastrye Dynasty.

  • 2464

    Dorman Independance
    Life, Organisation Association

    Vastrye joined under the Dorman Principality at the End of The Asti Civil War, and were granted governance of Acra Isle.

  • 2800

    The Shattering
    Disaster / Destruction


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