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Homo oracith afargith

Afargith - (Largorcacith) - Desert orc: If those from this sub-race of orc could stand up straight, they would by far be the tallest of the race. They are the endurance champions of all time. they can run for days without rest or even stopping to eat or drink. Their desert existence has forced evolution to push their development in a camel-like direction. The reason they cannot stand up straight is due to the large fat hump the develops over time of bounty as their bodies store away the excess fat and water. You may think existing in a desert environment would detrimental to life and health but in the case of these orcs, you would be wrong. They are huge. The top of their heads commonly exceeds 6' high with a full body length of 9' and a weight of 500lbs. The fat deposit upon which they rely is surrounded by a fluid-filled cushioning sack which is all wrapped in back muscle. Their overall body structure is very similar to that of a gorilla only much larger. At 9' they are near twice the size of the largest gorillas. The arms of a large male will reach up to 11' arm span. They are very top heavy and will on occasion, run on all 4 limbs. The females of Afargith are a stark contrast and dramatically sexually dimorphic. They are less than half the size of their male counterpart, they do not develop the large fat deposit and never move quadrupedally as they have a more humanoid body structure. It is theorized that this is due to sexual selection and not nearly as environmentally guided as the males. This has had the effect of making the females totally dependent on and subordinate to the males of their subspecies. The females are for all intents and purposes, breeders and nursemaids and if they ever see their own children once they give birth, they never really know it.


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