The Grand Architect

The Grand Architect myth is purely created from stories passed along. While other creation myths and stories of the gods have some truth (in the form of historical proof), this myth does not. It is a theory proposed long ago that grew in its telling to become an accepted truth among some circles.


The Grand Architect myth or theory (as it's often called) postulates that a singular power greater than the gods is responsible for the creation of the universe and ultimately holds absolute power.   With the gods not in ultimate control, this puts an emphasis on the agency of mortal beings. It states that mortals have much more control over their lives than the gods would have them believe. Additionally, the gods have far less control than they would like mortals to believe.

Historical Basis

The lack of origin stories for the beginning of the known universe led to the creation of this myth. If the gods created the universe, surely they would have more consistent stories about it. That is not the case.   The Grand Architect myth was all but lost until the Starfire Calamity. That event rekindled the myth like never before. The universe was being torn asunder and the gods were powerless to stop it. Yet when the Arch rearranged itself, saving all life in the universe, it reminded people of this myth. Something beyond the gods holds the true power.

In Literature

"The world as we know it, has grown dark. Our empire, once proud and glorious, now lay in ruins. Since the dawn of mankind, we warred with anyone and everyone to see our kingdoms rise to glory. Merely, a century ago, our civilization had finally reached its pinnacle. Now, look around you. Darkness. Ruins. Evil.   But it will not defeat us. We look for the points of light in the darkness. We must turn to our brothers in the mountains and forests. We’re no longer enemies. But we are hunted. Change that. Show them that we are the hunters. We are the architects of the new world and evil is not part of our Grand Design. Join others and fight to build a new world. It's up to you."


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